Matsukawa Miyu (Miyu, Miitan)

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    Matsukawa Miyu 2023.jpeg

    Name: Matsukawa Miyu (松川みゆ)
    Nickname: Miyu, Miitan (みゆ、みいたん)
    Birth: 2008-04-15
    From: Aichi
    Color: Red, pink, light blue.
    Interest: Singing.
    Skill: Hundreds, softball.
    Aspiration: First pitch at the Bantelin Dome.
    Favorite food: Hamburg, Muscat.
    Favorite word: Effort will not betray you.
    One message: I will do my best in everything I do and do my best so that many people will remember my name soon. Thank you for your support.
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    Motomura Aoi
    Yo I only just noticed buuuuut... Kizaki Yuria reborn.

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