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Morimoto Kurumi (Kurumin)

Discussion in 'SKE48 Kenkyuusei' started by lionel90, Apr 6, 2022.

  1. lionel90

    lionel90 Under Girls

    Dec 12, 2009

    Name: Morimoto Kurumi (森本くるみ)
    Nickname: Kurumin (くるみん)
    Birth: 2007/09/03
    Blood type: B
    From: Nara
    Eight: 162cm
    Favourite colours: pink, purple.
    Hobbies: Baking sweets, watching stylish vlog videos.
    Special skills: Modelling walking
    Future dream: Fashion model
    Favourite foods: dumplings, chocolate.
    Favourite Quote: We can manage.
    One message: I will do my best to be myself at all times. Please give me your support!
  2. Mana

    Mana Under Girls

    Sep 11, 2012
  3. Mana

    Mana Under Girls

    Sep 11, 2012
    Kurumi turned 15 years old a few days ago! I'm a little late, but Happy Birthday! <3

    The official SKE KKS TikTok posted a video for her birthday, I love that they used Namida Surprise as background song!

    if the video does not show watch the video here

    Some nice photos from her blog posts!

    001.jpeg 002.jpeg 003.jpeg 004.jpeg 005.jpeg 006.jpeg

    From what I saw of her in variety shows, she has a chill personality lol I like her :3
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  4. Mana

    Mana Under Girls

    Sep 11, 2012
    Kurumin for Weekly SPA 2023.09.12 <3

    003.jpg 004.jpg

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