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    Yokosuka Kanagawa CFAY CSG5 US Navy 7th Fleet


    Opening Announcer Yukarin
    -M01 Doshaburi Lonely Night - ChaMin (unit; Chaki & Hiromin)
    -M02 Haruiro no Tsubasa - Kazuchii
    M00 overture - SDN's
    +M03 Saturday Night Party - 1st Gen
    +M04 Never! - 1st Gen
    +M05 Black Boy - 1st Gen
    MC01 1st Gen updates on life after graduation
    +M06 Awajishima no Tamanegi - Nachuhamu + 2nd & 3rd Gen
    +M07 Yuuwaku no Garter - Yukarin Mamitan NeNe
    +M08 I'm Sure - Haruchan Misakko
    +M09 All In - Nontii Sayanee ChuChu Maatan Imakichi
    +M10 Jajauma Lady - Meetan CinDy Maachan Masamin Umeko Ki-bou
    +M11 Aiyo Ugokanaide - Rachel
    MC02 Nachuhamu + 2nd & 3rd Gen updates on life after graduation
    +M12 Ganbariina! - 2nd & 3rd Gen
    +M13 Futsuu no Anata - 2nd & 3rd Gen
    +M14 Best By - 2nd & 3rd Gen
    MC03 VTR from the 5 MIAs : Serinko Yuirin Twins;Aachan & Nacchan Miray-SHOGUN
    +M15 Aisareru Tameni - All
    1st ENCORE
    EN01 Kodoku na Runner- 2nd & 3rd Gen
    EN02 Touhikou - 1st Gen
    EN03 Vampire Keikaku - 1st Gen
    2nd ENCORE
    EN04 GAGAGA - 1st Gen
    EN05 Ai Chuseyo - 2nd & 3rd Gen
    EN06 MIN MIN MIN - All ; Center is Jyuri
    EN07 Makeoshimi Congratulation - All ; Center again Jyuri
    Closing Announcer Nontii

    CAST of 34 out of 39 graduated ;
    1st GEN ALL present except Serinko
    2nd GEN ALL present except Yuirin & the TWINS Natsuaki
    3rd GEN ALL present except Miray-SHOGUN

    my date with SDN was over just like sakuras, bloom brilliantly but briefly then gone
    20 song set excluding the two Suppon 2 Graduation Dream Shuttle Projects

    A far CRY (pun on the super extended waterworks cryfest that was NHK) from the 37 numbers performed at NHK
    BUT i actually enjoyed this much better (like most of the audience at NHK i was bawling my eyes out most of the time to fully appreciate their efforts)
    so did all those present in JCB & especially the 34 ladies (5 MIAs)
    they were positively beaming on stage every single moment having fun the time of their life
    exuding pure joy to be reunited with each other & with the fans

    WHAT A DIFFERENCE 6 WEEKS MADE (Mar 31st - May 12th)
    NO PRESSURE, NO YOKE to bear unlike the physical & emotional toll rollercoaster runup to Mar31
    by which time all of them & their fans were burnout wrecks running on empty
    Individual & Group Akushukais for the singles with mini-LIVEs at each of these
    Tokyo Big Sight
    Zepp;Tokyo, Nagoya & Osaka
    Yomiuri Land
    Makuhari Messe Shamekai for the album
    SSA 1st Day [Anata ga Ite Kureta Kara] serenade sendoffs from AKB
    theater's [Yuuwaku no Garter] Senshuurakus
    AND finally the hotchpotch rumble tumble rehearsals for NHK
    i was a dry husk at the bitter end totally drained after doggedly following them everywhere in as much as humanly physically possible for their last 100 days

    At this year's revival the ladies gave their best rendition of [Yuuwaku no Garter] ever because they treasured this chance to be on stage again to perform for their fans
    the ladies were relaxed & so put on a much better show than the emotionally-charged highly strung NHK
    JCB is from the heart with love for each other member & for the fans with the Sotsugyo issue already out of the way
    JCB is full of pleasure radiating from SDN & fans alike, a NEW SPRING really
    whereas NHK was all doom & gloom the winter of our discontent where the tears never cease
    the wardrobe is recycled from NHK but embellished slightly with either glittering sequins dress with faux fur boa feathered trim or mid riff baring croptops & skirts or hot pants in loud lilac green orange leopard prints (carrying over the African Safari Serengeti plains theme from NHK)
    for the encores 2nd & 3rd Gen ended up in [Ai Chuseyo] TOTALLY BRAND NEW shimmering sequins black leather dominatrix hot pants & bustiers
    1st Gen were in the enhanced NHK [MIN MIN MIN] ensemble 2 piece metallic sheen minus the chicadas wings

    THANK THE GOOD LORD they finally retired the theater sets for good RIP


    Juri (Kaida Jyuri) was made centers for the last 2 encore numbers to honor her 25th Birthday in advance this coming SAT May19 incidentally the same day as fellow 1st Gen Serinko (27th) who was a no-show

    Marinaru ended the night in a wheelchair
    The last week of March leading to graduation she already sustained a heel bone spur
    After graduation, she never imagined dancing on stage again & put off treatment
    After the May15 cast was announced, she sought emergency therapy but it was not enough to see her through her units & she retired early

    the 5 MIAs via VTRs made the customary polite entreaties apologizing profusely;

    1. Serinko officially too busy made guest appearances on 2 successive pre-recorded TV variety programs that aired the very same evening (not said in the VTR BUT she was in a world of hurt after the Oct15 graduation announcement & in all subsequent graduation exit interviews she expressly stated to want to put her SDN days firmly behind her & move on forward)
    So there, do not put too much hope on seeing her at the reunion concert

    2. Yuirin busted her ribs, badly strained ankle & leg ligaments alluding to a ski accident but she still show up for work as guest on fellow 2nd Gen Aimin's radio show & the twins' live webcast the week before

    3. the twins are practising for their stage musical run, [kiss me you- we simply tried our best-], incidentally fellow 2nd Gen RumiRumi (now with a new stage name Kikawa Rumi instead of Matshushima) is also in the musical but perhaps different team cast performing on other days

    4. Miray-SHOGUN just returned from a trip across the Sea of Japan to ROK & missed the Sat May 12 rehearsals
    BUT the real reason is AVEX released her immediately after graduation so she is RONIN status & cannot perform


    just as well
    no new 2nd Chapter (formed by congregating all the expiry dated gals from the other groups) to sully, mess up & make a general mockery of the wonderful legacy the original 39+7 has trailblazed & bequeathed to us fans

    REMEMBER Yukapo ? (22, Ninomiya Yuka) former 2nd Gen who graduated this time last year May11 2011 just before last year's REVIVAL
    ANY TIME ANY DAY NOW she is due, adding the latest & newest member to the SDN family
    AND she is STILL ONLY ALL of 22

    [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party]

    & ITS A LITTLE MAN [shock]

    May23 UTC 2211 Tokyo

    After 6 hours labour
    Yukapo has safely delivered a 3.288 kilograms healthy energetic baby boy [clap]

    [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party] [party]

    MORE CLOSE UP SHOTS (all images culled from their Ameblos & Twitters)
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    ^ THANKS SO MUCH for the setlist and all the pictures.

    I completely missed this at the time, as I kept looking in the Revival Series thread, and no-one had any information.

    I still can't believe they came back for one last show. I'm glad it was a good one and had lots of extra songs. They didn't finish with Owaranai Encore...

    Maybe next year they will be back again for the revival series...

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