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The SNH48 Thread

Discussion in 'The STAGE48 Idol Emporium' started by sikanwan, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. BadIcecream

    BadIcecream Member

    Dec 8, 2016
    What? Why the sudden change? :/
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  2. kojimako

    kojimako Member Wiki48 Editor

    Jan 22, 2019
    Kojima Mako
    conflict between producers and sb iirc. hopefully it gets sorted out soon
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  3. Sosuke Pochaco

    Sosuke Pochaco Kenkyuusei

    Sep 11, 2017
    The rest of the top 7 from last year will be releasing their solos. They are a getting a solo as a reward for their ranking in the top 7
    Yuan YiQi solo Paradise will be released on 04/28,
    Shen MengYao solo Whisper will be released on 05/05
    Song XinRan solo My Way will be released on 05/13
    Duan YiXuan solo Black Out will be released on 05/19
    Yang BingYi solo Super Duper will be released on 05/26
    Xu YangYuZhuo already released her solo Make it Better back in January

    Here's her performing her solo earlier this year at the 7Senses concert
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  4. Sosuke Pochaco

    Sosuke Pochaco Kenkyuusei

    Sep 11, 2017
    SNH48 has finally the stage audio for Team SII latest original stage Dream.
    Spotify link:https://open.spotify.com/album/7rlgXUcSf2RkL5YancKsEf?si=oAmwxui-TU2Yftkh5ZItjA

    Apple Music link: https://music.apple.com/album/幻镜/1628942728

    In other news former ex gnz member Zuo JingYuan is now a snh trainee (this is no suprise since she has been in Shanghai and hanging out with the SNH members after being let go by gnz48 mmgt). Star48 didn't want her let her go despite being a controversial member because she brings in alot of money for the ssk lol
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  5. Sosuke Pochaco

    Sosuke Pochaco Kenkyuusei

    Sep 11, 2017
    SNH has released their latest single Sea Gravel. The single contains 2 songs the title track Sea Gravel and the b side Dream River. The center is Yuan Yiqi. This single acts the voting single for the snh election: https://open.spotify.com/album/0OlPoA4IKKso71Jb1BDvWc?si=lfsOLZx1QJKaR-nCloFPpg

    Note this year election is called a youth festival due to the new laws regarding voting for idols) Here is a good twitter thread that explains this year's election:https://twitter.com/info_snh48group/status/1538704496880062465?s=20&t=v2wJeRa1KTVijoILaV8fCg

    In other news Zhao Yue has returned from her tenue as a member of the project group BonBon Girls. She will be graduating from SNH to focus as star48 solo artist and 7senses member. She will be receiving a grad song and grad stage.
    Also its important Team X Wang Xiaojia is the only member that isn't participating in this year ssk due the fact her contract with star48 will end soon since she is 29.
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  6. mai48_

    mai48_ Member

    Jun 14, 2014
    So confusing.

    Basically it's an awards show.
    Fans will be scoring the works the members has submitted. These scores will then serve as means to rank the members.
    Though officially, the fans will be scoring the members' submitted work that represents their growth the past year. Election under the guise of an awards show.

    The three awards : honor, professionalism and popularity.

    I get that popularity awards will be the one most likely the same as previous elections, but what is professionalism about? It will be more about the quality of the submitted work than the member or what?
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  7. Sosuke Pochaco

    Sosuke Pochaco Kenkyuusei

    Sep 11, 2017
    The election has finished. A couple of announcements were made which are auditions for SNH48 19th Gen, GNZ48/BEJ48 14th Gen, and CKG48 7th Gen have officially launched. Here are some highlights:
    Here is the top 3
    1) Shen MengYao (Team HII)
    2) Duan YiXuan (Team SII)
    3 ) Yuan YiQi (Team HII)
    Center for Undergirls is Liu ShuXian of Team NII and Center for Next Girls is Tian ShuLi. Both of set of twins ranked. The gnz twins ,aka DXQ, Liang Jiao and Liang Qiao came in 43rd and 44th respectfully. Meanwhile the BEJ48 twins ,aka 6677, ranked in. Huang XuanQi (77) came in 23rd, she was the twin who ranked in last year. And her sister Huang YiCi (66) came in 14th. A couple of previous top 16 ranks fell. Fei QinYuan (FQY) who has been a stable in the top 16 for the past couple of years came in 24th this year, meanwhile top 7 members from last year top 16 Song Xinran (Team X) and Xu YangYuZhuo(Team HII) came in 11th and 12th respectfully. Some final highlights include long time fan favorites finally ranked in Liu QianQian (677) from Team NIII and SII came in 36th and Nong YanPing from Team Z and Team HII came in 34th. And finally former SHY48 center Han Jiale now on Team NII came in 15th making it her highest rank to date. After coming back to the group.
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  8. Mana

    Mana Under Girls

    Sep 11, 2012
    Team B
    I haven't been following SNH for years (my favorite member was Ju Jingyi and she graduated a few years ago, I still follow her now as actress and singer. I also liked Zhao Jiamin), but I know Fei Qinyuan after seeing some pictures and videos of her and I thought that she is really cute and I like her. so I'm kinda sad to read that she ranked down in elections ;_;

    I don't really know all the other girls, maybe I should try to know them a little. They're already having a 19th gen o_o

    Btw I was wondering if it would be ok to post updates about the graduated members in here like for example Ju Jingyi's updates, since there's no other SNH-related thread in the forum.
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  9. Kathemy

    Kathemy Kenkyuusei

    Jan 8, 2022
    YiCi ranking top16 is a breath of fresh air. That girl can get huge. XuanQi has had a big slump over the winter - I was surprised she rose in the rankings, but she's really recovering. Next year both might be in. I would be very surprised if YiCi didn't rank higher next year, the only thing that can stop her is some sort of a scandal.

    Basically the fans were bullying 77, and she took it hard. She posted a video about how sad she was that the fans viewed 66 as the "dependable sister" while 77 was the traitor who deserted Beijing to get famous in SNH. Good luck trying that on YiCi, she's a monster.

    Xiaohui failing to rank into "senbatsu" for the seventh year in a row is a travesty. An absolute joke. NII Quarterly MVP and MVP of the year. Yet there are three girls in the band ranked higher. Right.
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  10. BadIcecream

    BadIcecream Member

    Dec 8, 2016
    I miss the days when SNH48 and its sister groups were constantly releasing music and content from 2016 till 2017. Then, they just slowed down, starting with no sister group EPs to disbandments/dissolutions, and before I knew it, my favorite members had already graduated :(
    Should be okay.
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  11. Sosuke Pochaco

    Sosuke Pochaco Kenkyuusei

    Sep 11, 2017
    2nd gen member Jiang Yun will finally have her long waited graduation stage on Oct 23. Her graduation was postponed because of the pandemic.
    The SNH48 Group will release their 32nd EP Silk Road on Oct 21. This is the ssk single. Here are the titles for the 3 new songs on the EP
    The Top 16 song is Silk Road, Top 32 is Light It Up, and the Top 48 song is Home. Here is link for the covers for the EP. The EP will also the voting ticket for their upcoming 9th Request Hour
  12. Sosuke Pochaco

    Sosuke Pochaco Kenkyuusei

    Sep 11, 2017
    Here are the mvs for this year's ssk single
    Top 48 Song "Home":

    Top 32 Song "Light it Up":

    Top 16 Song "Silk Road":

    In other news, former queen of SNH Kiku will be releasing her 1st album in celebration of her 9th anniversary. The album is called IX and it contains 9 songs: 7 already released and 2 new ones.
    Here is the 1st new song 今日晴 (Sunny Today):

    And finally 7SENSEs will be finally releasing their Crazy for You EP on Nov 21. It took a while to release because of the member changes. Tako left and Kiki & Zhao Yue (Akira) coming back.
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  13. Sosuke Pochaco

    Sosuke Pochaco Kenkyuusei

    Sep 11, 2017
    Here is the dance mv for the Top 16 Song Silk Road:

    SNH has also released the mv for the No 1 song from last year from Request Hour. The winning song was 渊 "Deep Down" sung by FTCY AKA Ex-Team Sii member now Honor Graduate Jiang Yun and current Team X member Wang Xiaojia (And yes they are dating before anyone asks).

    Shen MengYao will be releasing her 1st EP called Flash On in the next couple of weeks, it contains 3 tracks the new song Flash On along with her previous solo Whisper, and her solo from Team HII latest original stage "Ultimate Mission" her solo is In the Dark. ( this is her reward for this year's election)
    Here is her performing Whisper:

    And In The Dark:
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  14. Sosuke Pochaco

    Sosuke Pochaco Kenkyuusei

    Sep 11, 2017
    Kiku has released her 2nd song new song from her 9th-anniversary album. Its called Be My POI (Point of Interest).
    Here's the performance mv:

    In other news Current reign queen of SNH Shen MengYao will be released her 1st EP Flash On on Dec 19th
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  15. Sosuke Pochaco

    Sosuke Pochaco Kenkyuusei

    Sep 11, 2017
    Here is the mv for Shen Mengyao's first EP Flash On

    In other news, CGT48 is officially happening. This new sister group will be located in Chengdu. It is rumored the 1st gen members will be shown in April. CGT was in limbo for a couple of years but it's officially happening.
    GNZ recently had a shuffle some surprises from this shuffle include that Chen Ke a founding Team G member will be transferring to Team Z. Tang LiJia is back in Team NIII. Team NIII Member Zheng Denni will now have a concurrent position with SNH Team HII. Along with that, a handful of trainees were promoted
    SNH will also be releasing a 10th-anniversary stage album. The title track is called Into the World is comprised of
    2022 SNH48 GROUP Theater MVP TOP 16. They are Zhou ShiYu, Yuan YiQi, Liu ShuXian, Wang XiaoJia, Zheng DanNi, Liu LiFei, Shen MengYao, Chen Ke, Huang YiCi, Duan YiXuan, Zhang QiongYu, Fang Qi, Huang XuanQi, Wang ZiXin, Wang Yi, Hu XiaoHui.
    The rest of the album is comprised of more recordings of some classic snh48g songs.
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  16. David61

    David61 Under Girls Stage48 Donor

    May 17, 2015
    Reading, England
    Komiyama Haruka
    Result of the SNH48 9th Request Time Best 50 held today (2/25) at the Suzhou Olympic Sports Centre in Jiangsu (transliterations from the Indonesian 'Overseas Idol' online news service at https://overseasidol.com/snh48-9th-request-time-best-50-tak-ada-lagi-lagu-saduran-akb48/):

    50. Yesterday (Hao Jingyi, Nong Yanping)
    49. Jiu Cha Yi Diandian (Lin Shuqing, Nong Yanping)
    48. My Boy (Zuo Jingyuan, Song Xinran)
    47. Color Girls ( Liu Xinyuan, Zhu Ruiyan, Luo Yuting, Xu Yalan, Zhou Shiru)
    46. Dream (Hao Jingyi, Yan Qin, Wang Ruiqi)
    45. 1001 Night (Han Jiale, Lin Shuqing, Zhu Yixin)
    44. Deal (Fu Meisan, Xiong Ziyi, Wu Ruisha, Wang Siyi, Li Siao, Zhang Ruijie, Shi Zhujun, Zhang Fan)
    43. Mami (Huang Yici, Chen Zhenzhen, Zhang Menghui, Sun Yushan, Wu Bohan)
    42. Bu Anxing (Huang Xuanqi, Zeng Aijia)
    41. Yuanfang de Hai (Team NII)
    40. Yiti Tongxin (Song Xinran, Fei Qinyuan)
    39. Lian’ai Gaoji (Huang Yici)
    38. Wusheng de Tange (Wang Ruiqi, Ma Yuling)
    37. Look Out (Zuo Jingyuan, Tang Lijia)
    36. SPY (Liu Lifei, Zhang Qiongyu)
    35. U Know (Luo Hanyue, Zhang Zhijie, Chen Yuzi, Yan Na, Tian Shuli)
    34. Good Time (Fang Qi, Huang Chuyin, Wu Yufei, Luo Kejia)
    33. Let it Down (Lei Yuxiao, Guo Shuang, Zhang Shuyu, Peng Yuhan, Zhou Xiang)
    32. My Key (Liang Jiao, Liang Qiao, Liu Xian, Bei Chuhan,Yang Yuxin)
    31. Paradise (Hu Xiaohui)
    30. Zhiyan Zhi Shou (Zuo Jingyuan, Jiang Shan, Ma Yuling)
    29. Dipingxian (Lu Jing, Lin Zhi, Heyang Qingqing, Lin Jiayi, Yu Jiawei)
    28. Swan (Jiang YuHang, Zhang HuaiJin, Liu XiaoHan, Zhang XiaoYing, Han Xue, Wang SiYue, Huang RuTong)
    27. Go Away (Wang Xiaojia, Peng Jiamin, Ning Ke)
    26. The Shadows (Yang KeLu, Pan YingQi, Lu XinYi, Feng SiJia, Xie FeiFei)
    25. +- (Fei Qinyuan, Jiang Shan)
    24. Like a Diamond (Liu ZengYan, Liu Jie, Chen GuiJun, Zhan Di, Wang YuChen, Chen YingLin, Zhao ZeHui)
    23. Ring (Shen Mengyao, Hong Jingwen, Tian Shuli)
    22. Sandglass (Shao XueCong, Li Hui, Nong YanPing, Shen XiaoAi, Ma XinYue)
    21. Scream Out (Yuan Yiqi, Zheng Danni, Li Jiaen, Yang Bingyi)
    20. Huayuan Wuqu (Wang Yi, Liu Qianqian, Ye Shuqi, Lu Tianhui)
    19. Renjian Guizhe (You Miao, Yang Kelu, Sun Xiaoyan)
    18. Heart beat (Zhu HongRong, Lu JingTing, Guo XiaoYing, Gao WeiRan, Wang RuoShiLan, Wang YiLiu, Zhang ChenYi)
    17. Hold Me Tight (Jiang ShuTing, Tang LiJia)
    16. Whisper (XuYang YuZhuo)
    15. Ai Weiyang (Zhu YiXin, Bai XinYu)
    14. Maliya (Tang LiJia, Hong JingWen)
    13. Shuang Xingdao (Zhao TianYang, Yang YuanYuan, Deng HuiEn, Wang Zi, Wang QianNuo, Shi WeiXi, Zhang YouNing, Gao XueYi)
    12. Wei Jie Laidian (Han JiaLe, Jiang ShuTing)
    11. Dominated (Duan YiXuan, Yang BingYi)
    10. Di Shao (Shen MengYao, Yuan YiQi)
    9. Chudian (Chen Ke, Xu ChuWen, Chen HongYu, Zhang Run, Zeng Jia, Chen NanXi, Zhang YueMing)
    8. Bee With U (Zeng AiJia, Li ShanShan, Wang ZiXin, Wu YuFei, Lu Jing, Fu BingBing, Long YiRui)
    7. Bixia zhi Cheng (Tang LiJia, Liu LiFei)
    6. Tan Yunxi (Liu ShuXian & Hu XiaoHui)
    5. Na Hao Ba (XuYang YuZhuo, Zhang Xin)
    4. Hei yu Bai (Shen MengYao, Yuan YiQi)
    3. Hate 2 Love (Chen Ke, Zheng DanNi)
    2. Cinderella (Wang XiaoJia)
    1. Unaware (Zhou Shiyu, Wang Yi)

    Also there was an announcement confirming that CGT48 based in Chengdu would go ahead:

    An announcement video for the new group has been posted today on the official SNH48 channel:

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  17. Sosuke Pochaco

    Sosuke Pochaco Kenkyuusei

    Sep 11, 2017
    Cinderella and Unware are 2 new original songs created for the best 50. This is also Wang XiaoJia last b50 as she is will be graduating this year.
    Here is the performance of Cinderalla:

    Unware Performance:

    Team NII will get a new original since they had the highest-voted team song.
    Other announcements include auditions for SNH48 19th Gen, GNZ48/BEJ48 15th Gen, CKG48 8th Gen & CGT48 1st Gen Special Recruitment have started.
    SNH has released a special EP called Into the World in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the SNH theater.

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