Arai Ririno

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Arai Ririno
Kanji 新井りりの
Kana あらい りりの
Romaji Arai Ririno
Nickname Ririno (りりの), Riinon (りーのん)
Birth Info
Birthdate July 15, 2004  
Birthplace Flag of Japan.png Gunma, Japan
Blood type A
Current Age 19 Years Old
Height **
Professional Info
Agency **
Social Networks **
Idol Career Info
Former Group NGT48
Former Team Kenkyuusei
Debuted June 2022 / 3rd Generation
Graduated February 2024

Arai Ririno was an NGT48 Kenkyuusei and part of NGT48's 3rd Generation.


  • Hobbies: Eating, singing, historical research
  • Favorite foods: Mochi, rice balls, warm foods (pots, miso soup, chawanmushi, etc.)
  • Special skill: Studying for typing and qualification
    • Have multiple qualifications such as all business bookkeeping level 1 and Kanji test level 2
  • Favorite line: You can't fight if you're hungry.
  • One-line Message: Looking at me, I will deliver lots of love so that I can share the warm feelings that make me feel relieved! Please come and see me!





  • On January 16th, announced her graduation.

Team History

NGT48 Kenkyuusei → Graduation
Joined NGT48 as a Kenkyuusei on June 1, 2022
Graduated from NGT48 Kenkyuusei on February 29, 2024 (Announcement: January 16, 2024)

Singles Participation

NGT48 A-Sides

NGT48 B-Sides


Stage Units

KKS5 (PARTY ga Hajimaru yo)
Skirt, Hirari
Anata to Christmas Eve
Hoshi no Ondo

Concert Units

NGT48 Summer Concert 2023

Nakai Rika Graduation Concert ~Oshi-hen Kinshi wa Zettai Meirei~