Cindy Nugroho

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Cindy Nugroho
Cindy Nugroho (2019)
Birth Name Cindy Nugroho
Other Name Cindy Nugroho
Nickname Nunu, Lord Nunu
Birth Info
Birthdate June 9, 2007 
Birthplace Flag of Indonesia.png Jakarta, Indonesia
Blood type AB
Current Age 15 Years Old
Nationality Indonesian
Height 150cm
Professional Info
Agency **
Social Networks Twitter Instagram / TikTok / YouTube / SHOWROOM
Idol Career Info
Former Group JKT48
Former Team Academy Class A
Debuted April, 2019 / 8th Generation
Graduated March, 2021

Cindy Nugroho was a member of JKT48 Academy's Class A.


  • Name in Japanese: シンディ・ヌグロホ
  • Nickname in Japanese: ヌヌ、ロード・ヌヌ
  • The youngest member of JKT48's 8th generation.
  • Hobbies: Watching movies, badminton, listening to music.
  • Admired Members: Sinka Juliani
  • Favorite color: Yellow

JKT48 Senbatsu Election

Team History

JKT48 Academy Class BJKT48 Academy Class A → Graduation
Joined JKT48 as a member of Academy's Class B on April 27, 2019
Promoted to Academy's Class A on August 3, 2019
Graduated from JKT48 Academy's Class A on March 11, 2021 (Announcement: January 11, 2021 | Graduation concert: February 28, 2021)

Albums Participation

JKT48 Albums


Stage Units

ACA1 (Pajama Drive)
Tenshi no Shippo (Swap)