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Cleopatra (2012)
Birth Name Cleopatra Djapri
Other Name Cleopatra Japri
Nickname Cleo
Birth Info
Birthdate December 20, 1993 
Birthplace Flag of Indonesia.png Jakarta, Indonesia
Blood type O
Current Age 28 Years Old
Nationality Indonesian
Height 170cm
Professional Info
Agency **
Social Networks Instagram / Twitter / YouTube
Idol Career Info
Former Group JKT48
Former Team Trainee
Debuted November 2011 / 1st Generation
Graduated December 2012

Cleopatra was a JKT48 Trainee. She now has a solo career.


Cantik seperti namaku, Aku Cleopatra!
(Beauty like my name, I'm Cleopatra!)


  • Name in Japanese: クレオパトラ
  • Nickname in Japanese: クレオ
  • Favorite Color: Red Rose
  • Favorite Sport: Swimming
  • Favorite Animal: Cat, Snake
  • Favorite Food: Choco Chips
  • Hobby and Likes: Swimming
  • Favorite Doll: Teddy Bear, Chibi Maruko Chan, Hello Kitty
  • Academic Degree: S.H (Laws Bachelor)
  • She got married to Panji Pradhana Ramadhan (an Indonesian businessman) on April 22, 2018.
    • She had a daughter named Irish Cleopatra Mailka Pradhana on September 13, 2018.

Team History

JKT48 Trainee → Graduation
Joined JKT48 as a Trainee on November, 2011
Graduated from JKT48 Trainee on December 10, 2012


Stage Units

RS1 (Pajama Drive)
Kagami no Naka no Jean Da Arc

Concert Units

Melody Nurramdhani Laksani Graduation Concert


Cleopatra (Late 2011)
Cleopatra Djapri JKT48.jpg
Cleopatra (Early 2011)