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HKT48 no Goboten! (original title: HKT48のごぼてん!) is a variety TV show featuring members from HKT48. It was announced at the Fukuoka Sun Palace Hall concert of HKT48's 1st Tour

This show started airing each Saturday at 12:00 JST on TV Nishi-Nippon. However, along with a renewal of the studio, it was upgraded to the same timeslot on Sunday from April 5, 2015 onwards. It runs for 30 minutes.

The hosts for this show are Parachute Butai in the studio and Lemon Tea's Abe-chan & EE-Man's Yamaguchi Takashi for the location visits.


This show features the HKT48 members in three segments:

Visit on location

HKT members and the hosts go around the region and finding the Loved Centers (愛されセンタ) of places, the popular people, quirky people, the people everybody knows in that place. These places can vary from local schools to businesses.
During school visits the members also look for the "Seifuku Queen", a beautiful girl who is known throughout the school.

Studio segment

HKT members, the hosts and the occasional guest participate in one of the following sub-segments:
  • Quiz? Strange news stories! : Strange news stories are partially censored, and the members try to guess what they are about.
  • Let's seriously try it out : The members try out net-rumoured life-hacks or experiments.
  • Gobozon : The members try out interesting gadgets & toys which are for sale on Amazon.
  • Find the liar!: Three members are selected to partake in a prank, ranging from stinky substances, eating very spicy food, or putting your hand in a mystery box. The other members then have to guess which member is actually being subjected to the prank and which members aren't. If they get it right, they get to try out some delicious food, if not, the pranked team gets to try out the food.
  • Let me see into your heart! Goboten psychology! : Using some simple psychological tests, we get to know more about the members.
  • 12-Seconds challenge: Fans from Japan and overseas can send in a video where they come up with a challenge and try to complete it in 12 seconds. The members in the studio pick the best one from three videos that are shown.

Sasshi no Udon

One HKT member goes to Sashihara Rino's makeshift Udon stall in the studio to talk about what is troubling her lately.

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