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HKT48 no Momochihama Jogakuin (original title: HKT48のももち浜女学院) is a radio show hosted by HKT48 members Anai Chihiro and Kodama Haruka along with Tanaka Kenbo, a comedian from Fukuoka. Occasionally, an other HKT48 member takes over for one of the girls, or they receive a guest in the studio.

This weekly 30-minute show airs each Saturday on RKB Radio. It first aired on 7 April 2012.

Show Summary

The show features different segments each the week, as below:

  • Recording Kudari (Opening): The members talk about the events and activities they had last week or which are coming up soon.
  • HKT48 Idol-Ryoku Up Jugyo: The members try to increase their actractiveness as an idol through games.
  • Dareda! Dareda! Dareda!: A 'Guess the HKT48 member' quiz.
  • Detective Chihiron: Chihiro solves worries of listeners or younger HKT48 members.
  • Chiichan no ponkotsu daisuki!: Listeners and HKT48 members send in their own clumsy (ponkotsu) episodes and Chihiro picks a winner.
  • ◯◯ Ganbatte ♪ : Listeners send in suggestions to insert into 12 Byou lyrics, and the members then sing it.
  • Haruppi no moe goe syndrome: Listeners send in moe phrases for Haruka to say.

A few songs are also played on each show.