Hikaru Monotachi

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CD+DVD Type-A (Limited Edition)
CD+DVD Type-B (Limited Edition)
CD+DVD Type-C (Limited Edition)
CD Only (Regular Edition)
CD Only (Limited Edition)

CD Information

Watanabe Mayu
Hikaru Monotachi (ヒカルものたち)
Release Date
Label/Catalog Number/Price
Label: Sony Music Entertainment
SRCL-8182 (Limited Edition Type-A, CD+DVD) / ¥1,524
SRCL-8184 (Limited Edition Type-B, CD+DVD) / ¥1,524
SRCL-8186 (Limited Edition Type-C, CD+DVD) / ¥1,524
SRCL-8180 / (Limited Edition, CD) / ¥1,900
SRCL-8188 (Regular Edition, CD) / ¥1,143

Regular Edition Details

  1. Hikaru Monotachi (ヒカルものたち)
  2. Sayonara no Hashi (サヨナラの橋)
  3. Hikaru Monotachi (Instrumental)
    • (Type-A Exclusive track) Chiheisen no Kanata wa Doko ni Aru? - Beyond the horizon - (Instrumental)
    • (Type-B Exclusive track) Heart no Soup (Instrumental)
    • (Type-C Exclusive track) Futari no Yoake (Instrumental)
    • (Regular Edition Exclusive track) Koi wo fun Jatta (Instrumental)
  4. Sayonara no Hashi (Instrumental)
  1. Hikaru Monotachi Music Video
  2. Hikaru Monotachi Making-of
  3. Sayonara no Hashi Music Video

General Information

Hikaru Monotachi (ヒカルものたち) is Watanabe Mayu's third solo single. It was released in five versions: three limited CD+DVD editions, regular CD-only edition and a limited edition regular CD-only edition. This single's theme was an Vocaloid/Anime theme, which reflects Watanabe Mayu's personality and hobbies.

Oricon Chart Positions

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- - - - - - - - 91,907

Total sales to date* 122,381