Huang YanFei

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Huang YanFei
Hanzi 黄妍菲
Pinyin Huáng YánFēi
Nickname XiaoYuanLian (小圆脸), HuYaFei (虎牙菲)
Birth Info
Birthdate March 19, 2001
Birthplace Flag of China.png Hubei, China
Blood type AB
Current Age 20 Years Old
Height 170cm
Professional Info
Agency **
Social Networks Weibo
Idol Career Info
Former Group BEJ48
Former Team BEJ48
Debuted November, 2020 / 9th Generation
Graduated July, 2021

Huang YanFei was a member of BEJ48.


  • Skills: Interior design, calligraphy, violin, oil painting, watercolor, still life sketch.
  • Hobbies: eSports, escape room, reading suspense novels, watching thriller movies, riding a roller coaster.

SNH48 Senbatsu Elections

Team History

BEJ48 → Graduation
Joined BEJ48 on November 22, 2020
Graduated from BEJ48 on August 14, 2021 (Announcement: July 28, 2021 | Last BEJ48 event: August 14, 2021)