JKT48 Sousenkyo 2018 Top 3

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JKT48 Sousenkyo 2018 Top 3 Cover
JKT48 Sousenkyo 2018 Top 3 Music Download Card

CD Information

JKT48 Sousenkyo 2018 Top 3
Release Date
Label/Catalog Number/Price
Label: ???
(Music Download Card Edition) / Rp 35.000 for ?? songs.

Music Download Card Edition Details

Download Tracklist
  1. Migikata (Pundak Kanan) / Cindy Yuvia
  2. Avocado Janeshi... (Bukan Alpukat...) / Shani Indira Natio and Shania Gracia
  3. Relax! / Sinka Juliani, Ratu Vienny Fitrilya, and Natalia
  4. (Bonus Track) Namida no Sei Janai (Bukan Salah Air Mata) / Selection 13

Included Members


"Avocado Janeshi..."

(2 Members)


(3 Members) (Sinka Juliani Center)

"Namida no Sei Janai"

Selection 13 (13 Members) (Shania Junianatha Center)

General Information

JKT48 Sousenkyo 2018 Top 3 is the 4th digital/another single. This another single contains three unit songs which were created by the TOP 3 JKT48 20th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo 2018, while Shania Junianatha's graduation song was added on later date after the original release date.


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