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KoreKara (original title: コレカラ) was a variety TV show with a major segment which each time featured two members from HKT48.

The show ran each week on Nishinippon TV from May 4, 2012 until March 28, 2014. The HKT48 segment of each episode was 10 minutes long and was hosted by Lemon Tea's Abe-chan.


The segment switched between multiple themes:

  • HKT48 Kagai Jugyou / HKT48 to X
Abechan takes the HKT48 members out on location to learn do to something, for example handling reptiles (episode on August 13, 2012).
  • HKT48 no Unchara wa Nanchara da!
Abechan takes the HKT48 members to question people and investigate the truth of some sayings.
  • HKT48 Uso Dooru wo Sagase!?
Abechan takes a look at the profiles of the present HKT48 members and checks if the things they state on it are actually true.