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NGT48 3rd Generation

  • Established on April 21, 2019.
  • They currently have 3 members, though 1 has announced graduation.
  • It took 1,069 days for the 3rd Draft members to be promoted to regular members. This is the longest in NGT48 history.
  • See NGT48 3rd Draft History.


  • Ando Chikana (あんどぅー Andou, ちぃ Chii, ちかな Chikana) (Announced Graduation)
  • Sato Kairi (かいり Kairi)
  • Fujisaki Miyu (みゆみゆ Miyumiyu, みーちゃん Miichan, みーたん Miitan)


List of members who have graduated or have cancelled her concurrent position


# Stage name Date Performances
1 Yume wo Shinaseru Wake ni Ikanai
2019.08.18 - -

NGT48 3rd Draft Songs on NGT48 Albums & Singles


Team Picture Romaji Kanji Nickname Birthdate Birthplace Blood Type Age Height Agency Generation
NGT AndoChikanaKKS2019.jpg Ando Chikana 安藤千伽奈 Andou (あんどぅー)
Chii (ちぃ)
Chikana (ちかな)
January 13, 2001 Nagano, Japan AB 22 155cm Flora Draft 3rd
NGT SatoKairi2019.jpg Sato Kairi 佐藤海里 Kairi (かいり) August 5, 2000 Niigata, Japan A 22 160cm Flora Draft 3rd
NGT FujisakiMiyu2019.jpg Fujisaki Miyu 藤崎未夢 Miyumiyu (みゆみゆ)
Miichan (みーちゃん)
Miitan (みーたん)
November 17, 2000 Niigata, Japan A 22 164.5cm Flora Draft 3rd