NGT48 3rd Draft

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NGT48 3rd Draft

  • Established on April 21, 2019.
  • They currently have 2 members.
  • It took 1,069 days for the 3rd Draft members to be promoted to regular members. This is the longest in NGT48 history.
  • See NGT48 3rd Draft History.



List of members who have graduated or have cancelled her concurrent position


# Stage name Date Performances

NGT48 3rd Draft Songs on NGT48 Albums & Singles


Team Picture Romaji Kanji Nickname Birthdate Birthplace Blood Type Age Height Agency Generation
NGT SatoKairi2019.jpg Sato Kairi 佐藤海里 Kairi (かいり) August 5, 2000 Niigata, Japan A 23 160cm Flora Draft 3rd
NGT FujisakiMiyu2019.jpg Fujisaki Miyu 藤崎未夢 Miyumiyu (みゆみゆ)
Miichan (みーちゃん)
Miitan (みーたん)
November 17, 2000 Niigata, Japan A 23 164.5cm Flora Draft 3rd