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Prima Stella (プリマステラ) is a special SKE48 unit. The members were chosen from Teens Unit members voting project. The unit appeared for the 1st time on SKE48's 28th single Ano Koro no Kimi wo Mitsuketa.


Asai Yuka - Stella Emerald

Okamoto Ayaka - Stella Lavender

Kamimura Ayuka - Stella Orange

Sakamoto Marin - Stella White

Suenaga Oka - Stella Pink

Mizuno Airi - Stella Blue


Appearance Song Single Additional Information
1 Ame Nochi Kisekiteki no Hare Ano Koro no Kimi wo Mitsuketa Center: Sakamoto Marin and Suenaga Oka
2 Densen wa Kiete mo Kokoro ni Flower


# Title Date
01 SKE48 Unofficial Channel Presents SKE48 Official LIVE
(SKE48非公式ちゃんねる Presents SKE48公式LIVE)
02 SKE48 Prima Stella Shizuoka business trip 2022
(SKE48 プリマステラ 静岡出張公演)
2022.01.31 - 2022.05.15
03 SKE48 Prima Stella Tokyo Shutchou Kouen
(SKE48 プリマステラ 東京出張公演)
04 SKE48 Prima Stella Shizuoka business trip 2023
(SKE48 プリマステラ 静岡出張公演)
2023.01.07 - 2023.01.08
05 Prima Stella 2023 LIVE ~Sekai Prima-chanzu Keikaku~
(プリマステラ 2023 LIVE 〜せかいぷりまちゃんず計画〜)
2023.06.15 - 2023.06.18
06 SKE48 Prima Stella Sekai Prima-chans Keikaku ~Otona Dakedo Prichiidamon!~
(SKE48 プリマステラ 世界ぷりまちゃんず計画 〜大人だけどぷりちぃだもん!〜)
2024.01.12 - 2024.01.21


  • They were originally just a single unit (meaning they only released songs for SKE48 singles).
  • Their name "Prima" means number one in Italian and "Stella" means stars. "Prima Stella" means the first star of idol.
  • Sakamoto Marin and Suenaga Oka are the center of this unit chosen by fanvote.