SKE48 Yosan 100-Man Yen

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SKE48 Yosan 100-Man Yen
Genre Variety
Country Japan
Network YouTube
Episodes 2 (Ongoing)
Airing Date December 15, 2020 –
Running Time 20-25min
Presenters **
Opening Theme **
Official Web YouTube Channel

SKE48 Yosan 100-Man Yen (SKE48予算100万円, SKE48 1 Million Yen Budget) is a web-show by SKE48. The first episode was released on December 15, 2020.


Through the SKE48 game SKE48 no Daifuugou wa Owaranai!, the top 8 members of events get picked to produce an episode of a show however they like, as long as the budget is below one million yen.

Episode Guide

Episode 1

Episode 2