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Fukujin (十二福神) describes the front members from Nogizaka46. It is a similar concept to AKB48's Kami 7. It has been as small as five members and as large as fourteen.

Sakura Eight

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Sakura Eight (櫻エイト Sakura eito) describes the front members from Sakurazaka46, 3 members in the first row and 5 members in the second row will be on all the b-sides.

BACKS Members

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BACK Members (BACKSメンバー Bakkusu menbā) are the third-row members of Sakurazaka46's title and primary coupling tracks, or the non-Sakura Eight members.

Sakamichi Kenshusei

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Sakamichi Kenshusei (坂道研修生) is the group designation for the final members who had passed the Sakamichi Joint Auditions held during the summer of 2018 but had not been assigned to Nogizaka46, Keyakizaka46, or Hinatazaka46 by the end of 2018. They were introduced officially on September 7, 2019.



Buddies (バディーズ Badīzu) are Sakurazaka46's fans.


Ohisama (おひさま) are Hinatazaka46's fans. They also announced in a Showroom live broadcast that their fandom name would be Ohisama, a slang for the Sun, stating that "just like a sunny place (日向, Hinata) cannot exist without the Sun, Hinatazaka46 cannot exist without the fans".


Academic Rankings

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Academic Rankings are a regular segment on the Sakamichi Series variety shows. Members are given a junior high school-level test with five subjects and the rankings are subsequently announced on the show.

Hit Prayer Campaign

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Hit Prayer Campaign are challenges the members undergo on the Sakamichi Series variety shows in hopes that their upcoming single or album will become a hit.