Tanaka Miho

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Tanaka Miho
Kanji 田中美帆
Kana たなか みほ
Romaji Tanaka Miho
Nickname Mipo (みぽ), Mihorim (みほりん), Kamiho (かみほ), Nakamichan (なかみちゃん)
Birth Info
Birthdate September 3, 2002  
Birthplace Flag of Japan.png Fukuoka, Japan
Blood type B
Current Age 21 Years Old
Height 160cm
Professional Info
Agency **
Social Networks Twitter
Idol Career Info
Former Group STU48
Former Team 2nd Generation
Debuted October 2019 / 2nd Generation
Graduated March 2023

Tanaka Miho was a member of STU48's 2nd Generation, Katte ni! Shikoku Kanko Taishi and MiKER!.


  • SHOWROOM Audition Number: #22
  • Admired member: Shiroma Miru
  • Favorite foods: Mochi, spicy things
  • Hobbies: Taking a picture with a camera, cafe tour, looking for good food
  • Skills: gluttony, can eat any spicy peppers, high-speed blinking, fast-talking
  • Favorite AKB48 Group song: Sustainable
  • Shoe size: 23.5cm
  • Future dream: An idol who knows the most about food.
  • The only member of STU48's 2nd Generation to have a concurrency position






  • On November 15th, had her 1000th consecutive days of streaming on the app SHOWROOM.

Team History

STU48 KenkyuuseiSTU48 2nd Generation → Graduation
Joined STU48 as a Kenkyuusei on October 27, 2019
Promoted to STU48 2nd Generation on October 1, 2021
Graduated from STU48 on March 26, 2023 (Announced January 8, 2023)

Singles Participation

STU48 A-Sides

STU48 B-Sides


Stage Units

KKS1 (Boku no Taiyou)
Boku to Juliet to Jet Coaster

Concert Units

STU48 2ki Kenkyuusei Setouchi Summer Tour〜Shoukaku e no Michi・Kessen wa Nichiyoubi〜

STU48 Okada Nana Last Concert ~Sailing day from NANA~

STU48 2nd Generation 3rd Anniversary Live