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The Underclass (ห้องนี้ ไม่มีห่วย) is a BNK48 drama. The first season aired from July 5th to September 27th, 2020.


  • Episodes: 13
  • Broadcast Network: Netflix
  • Air time: Midnight on Sundays
  • Opening theme: 'Makmai' (มากมาย) by No More Tear
  • Closing theme: 'Yak Yai Lai Yak Lek' (ยักษ์ใหญ่ไล่ยักษ์เล็ก) by Big Ass


After getting dropped from an elite program, a student gets tangled in the affairs of a high school gang while trying to find her own identity. (Netlix, 2020)


F Class

A Class

B Class


  • Thitirat Rojsangrat as Ms. May (F Class Teacher)
  • Wijitwongthong Tanutchai as Tee (Sports Teaching Assistant)
  • Sawanee Utooma as Sansanee Tichakun (Director on leave)


  • Yangyi Benja Singkharawat as Pang's mother
  • Panta Pattanaampaiwong as Fui (Tee's friend)
  • Kandis Wanaroon as Moss (Tee's friend)
  • Ekapol Deebunmee as Beam (Tee's friend)

Episode Guide

Episode Name Plot Air Date
1 F Class At Satree Lerdla Wittaya School, students are grouped together in classes depending on a score that is built upon their exam results, class participation and extracurricular activities. Via an app, the students and parents can keep track of their progress and how many points they have. After Pang (Nannaphas Loetnamchoetsakun (Mewnich)) is caught cheating at the final math exam, the headmaster deducts 8,000 points from her score, causing her to drop from 12th to 142nd place. This causes her to move from A Class to F Class. The other F Class students can tell that Pang looks down on them for being in F Class, which creates tension and dislike on both sides. She especially clashes with the F Class president, Meen (Praewa Suthamphong (Music)). Ms. May (Thitirat Rojsangrat) tells them they have to work on a group class project, but Pang repeatedly asks to work on the project alone, but is refused. By the time she finally asks her classmates to join her, everyone says no. While Pang feels sorry for herself by a school fountain, the trainee teacher Tee (Wijitwongthong Tanutchai) approaches her and tries to cheer her up. During Pang's first night at the F Class dorms, she tries to talk to the other F Class students, but finds that none of them are at home. She sees Meow (Natticha Chantaravareelekha (Fond)) walking away from the dorms and follows her. She ends up finding a secret base, which the F Class students use to discuss plans and where they refer to themselves as 'Black Sheep.' For tonight, their plan is to cut down a gate that blocks a path to the cafeteria for everyone except A Class students. Pang follows them, planning to tell the deputy director about it, but the other students spot her and tell her that if they go down, she will go down with them for being out past curfew. She follows them silently, until they cut down the gate, and then tries to run away, but just before she is caught by a guard, Tee grabs and hides her. Surprised, Pang asks why he – a teacher – is helping the F Class students to vandalise the school, and he says he is Meen's brother. July 5, 2020
2 Student's Courtroom Pang's friend Tam (Sumitta Duangkaew (Faii)) from A Class, niece of the deputy director, is announced to be the new leader of the student officers; all other student officers are also comprised of A Class students.. She also says she has found a way for Pang to rejoin A Class. Both of them talk to the deputy director, who tells her that he suspects students from F Class to be part of Black Sheep. He offers for her to return to A Class if she can provide evidence that F Class students have been violating school rules and property. Pang tries to befriend the F Class students, bribing them with sweets, but Meen and Kook (Tarisa Preechatangkit (Stang)) don't fall for it. Later that day, the student courtroom holds a hearing, in which Tam is the judge, Namkaeng (Napaphat Worraphuttanon (Jaa)) sits in as lawyer for the defendant, and Meringue (Pakwan Noijaiboon) serves as plaintiff and witness. She claims she spotted the B Class student Foam (Phattharanarin Mueanarit (Nine)) to have been reading the answers for an upcoming maths test. Foam claims she only found the paper on the ground when Meringue spotted her, but as there are no further witnesses for her claim, she looks guilty. Just as Tam is about to rule, Meen (as a representative for F Class) says the rules state they have three days before a decision is made. The F Class members try to gather evidence, and Pang offers to help, but Meen shuts her down. They break into the security room, where the CCTV footage is stored, but the camera that would have recorded Foam's position was not working on that day. They see another student's face on a camera from another angle, but she is too far away to recognize. They find out that the test paper found by Foam is not the actual maths test paper and believe someone has planted it. Tam sends Pang video evidence that shows Foam picking the paper up from the ground and to "use it during the proceeding." On the third day of the trial, three members of Black Sheep provide the evidence that the paper is fake, but Tam says it's not good enough. Just then, Pang enters with another student called Fai, from E Class, who was also present during the whole ordeal – she is the student the other F Class students spotted on the CCTV. This student testifies that she saw what happened and Foam is declared innocent. At the dorms, everyone welcomes Pang with open arms but Meen still declines a friendship. Tam sends Pang a text message, asking her why she didn't use the video she sent her. A flashback shows that Pang talked to Meringue, asking her why she was there in the first place. Another conversation between Meringue and Tam reveals that the A Class students were going to use the paper, but Meringue dropped it. July 12, 2020
3 Test for Newbie Pang's mother calls her to ask her if she wants to come home for the weekend, but Pang says she'd rather stay at the dorms to focus on studying. However, Meen later tells her that all the F Class members are going to her house over the weekend and that Pang should tag along. She comes with them and Meen introduces her to Tee's friends, Fui (Panta Pattanaampaiwong) and Moss (Kandis Wanaroon). Meen tries to take Pang to a run-down warehouse and when Pang doesn't want to, she offers Pang a deal: Pang needs to come in and see what it's like and if she still doesn't like it, Meen will do whatever Pang wants. The warehouse is used for acting and dance classes, as well as skateboarding and other leisure activities. Meen explains that her family owns the building and that her and Tee are trying to make it into a place where teenagers can come together and be themselves. Pang says she understands Meen's point of view, but still thinks it's too optimistic and disagrees. Therefore, Meen asks what Pang wants her to do and Pang once again asks to join her group. Before Meen can say anything, Miichan (Miori Ohkubo) interrupts them to offer treats. Later that night, all the girls, as well as the three boys, take Pang to a haunted house, where Meow (Natticha Chantaravareelekha (Fond)) suddenly disappears. Most of the others run away scared, but Pang decides to go look for her. In the end, it was all a trick to scare Pang and test her loyalty to the group. After she comes back outside to greet the rest, Meen finally gives her her own Black Sheep uniform. Just then, Tam calls and asks how it's going; Pang tells her she is now a member of Black Sheep, to which Tam says she will give her the next task in the following week. July 19, 2020
4 Fake Black Sheep 1 While an E Class student waits in line for their drink, a B Class student cuts the line and takes her drink away. When the E Class student calls her out, the B Class student pours bubble tea over her. Just then, Meringue and Tam intervene and tell the E Class student to apologise. Kook and Meow, who witnessed it all, try to tell them that the B Class student is the guilty one, but Meringue doesn't care. The E Class student walks around the campus, grumbling, when she receives a text from "Black Sheep BS" how they can help her. The text comes from Tam and Meringue, who are trying to bait students. Tam calls Pang where her Black Sheep uniform is and hangs up again. Meen convinces Miichan, Kook and Meow to join Pang for the group project and then they go out for lunch. A video is posted online where the aforementioned B Class student is tied to a chair and a person in Black Sheep uniform pours bubble tea over her. When the girls get to lunch, they witness the E Club student picking another fight with the B Class student, telling her if she slips up again, she will inform Black Sheep again. Meen intervenes to calm the situation down. Pang tries to talk to Tam, but Tee is also in the hallway, so she just goes back to the dorm. There, she tries to finish the group report, but one half of the girls is playing a mobile game while the other half is watching a drama. Meow suspects Kook, but Kook is proven innocent. Pang finds out that Tam is the one in the video, impersonating Black Sheep. The other F Class girls try to gather evidence about who the impersonator is, and Pang ends up finding an A Class pin at one of the crime scenes. She confronts Tam, telling her she's going too far, but Tam reminds her that Pang needs to help her catch Black Sheep if she wants to come back to A Class. Tee overhears the conversation between then. July 26, 2020
5 Fake Black Sheep 2 Tee confronts Pang about the conversation between her and Tam. Pang says she doesn't agree with what Tam is doing any longer and truly wants to help Meen. He promises not to tell Meen, but Pang needs to prove herself to him once again. They sneak into school again that night to get Email (Suchaya Saenkhot (Jib)) to hack into the computer system. The A Class student officers are on the look out for them, but through combined efforts, they manage to get away with it. The student officers try to frame an innocent E Class student to lure out the real Black Sheep, but instead, they hack the school's app to disable hate speech and everyone's score for three days. Tam speaks to them alone and they reveal all the evidence against her, so she agrees to stop impersonating Black Sheep. Later, the F Class girls go to a café/karaoke bar owned by Tee's friend Beam (Ekapol Deebunmee). Tee gives Pang a bracelet that he believes Pang lost, and she tells him her sister gave it to her, although she is no longer with them. At the café/karaoke bar, everyone splits into either Team Kook or Team Meow. Both Kook and Meow have a crush on Beam, so they play games in teams to figure out who gets to confess first. It ends in a tie, so they confess simultaneously, but Beam rejects them both. Moss and Fui tease each other about making a move on Miichan (Moss) and Meen (Fui), and Fui tells Meen that he thinks Tee has feelings for Pang. At the end, when Pang is at home brining the rubbish outside, Puen suddenly shows up. August 2, 2020
6 Sisters Flashbacks from two years ago show that Pang's sister Puean used to be third on the school's leaderboard, while Pang was still only in B Class then. Their parents wanted Puean to study medicine, but when she refused and said she wanted to study fashion, she moved out to live with their aunt. It was then that Pang promised her parents to make the top three at school and study medicine. Pang, unhappy about her sister's return, makes her way to Meen's house and spends time with the F Class students, and Tee and his friends again. Meen tries to matchmake a girl with Fui, who gets upset with her for not realising he has feelings for her. He doesn't confess his feelings yet and leaves Meen standing, so when Meen goes for a walk to think about things, she runs into Puean, who is looking for Pang. Pang is on a walk with Tee, who reveals to her that Meen used to be an A Class student as well but voluntarily moved down to F Class. With Meen's help, Puean gets Pang to meet her at Beam's café, but after yelling at Puean, Pang leaves once more. Tee scolds Meen for interfering as well as upsetting Fui, so Meen makes up with Fui and then apologises to Pang for interfering. Pang decides to talk to Puean after all. After making up with her sister, Pang thinks about everything that has happened the past few weeks and about what she wants to do. At the end of the episode, Pang gives the Black Sheep spray pant stencil to Tam, who congratulates her on making it back to A Class. August 9, 2020
7 A Class Pang testifies in student court that the F Class members are all part of Black Sheep and that, as proof, she took the stencil from one of the members' rooms. Tam announces that as a punishment, they would have to take extra classes, takes after-school classes, dedicated their afternoons to community service to the school and have an earlier curfew than the rest of the students. Pang asks her, later, to stop the court order as it is too harsh. She feels bored in A Class and everyone seems to have turned against her, except for Namkaeng, who offers to study with her to catch up. In the meantime, Meen has a flashback of Rain (Chanyapuk Numprasop (New)) and asks the other Black Sheep members to join her in creating a memorial for Rain as their last action as Black Sheep. Pang sees another A Class student steal a cheat sheet out of a book from the library, but Tam intervenes. Pang suspects that Tam has created cheat sheets for everyone in A Class, so she asks Ms. May for help. Through Ms. May and Tee, Pang finds out that Rain had wanted to study microbiology, but couldn't access the materials because the lab and library section were restricted to A and B Class students. Ms. May had taken books out for her and told her when the lab wasn't being used, and when deputy director Wichai found out, she didn't mention Ms. May's involvement and was accused of stealing. Wichai forced her to try taking an advanced biology test to prove she can do it, and if she scored +80%, her offense would be excused. However, she only scored 68% and was told she would never be able to study what she wanted to because of her low grades in other subjects and low behavior grade. Shortly after that, she took her own life. Meen created Black Sheep to fight the system that caused all of this, and Tee vowed to help her because he blames Wichai for what happened. August 16, 2020
8 Where I Belong While the Black Sheep members prepare a memorial for Rain, Tee and Pang look for evidence that Wichai and Tam are working together to provide cheat sheets for A Class. Pang and Tee don't find any evidence on Wichai's computer until they accidentally run into Tam and Meringue. They pretend Pang had been picking something up and Tee, as a teacher, had offered to walk her back to the dorms as they were nearing curfew. Only after Tam and Meringue leave does Pang realize that Tam must have been holding onto the math exam. When the rest of the school arrive the next morning, the school is filled with posters asking "Do you remember Rain?", accompanied by a black and white picture of her face and a QR code, which tells the story of Rain. A trial is held, in which Tam suggests a 14 day suspension for the F Class members, but then Meen openly blames the school for Rain's death. Wichai threatens to expel her, when suddenly another livestream starts; Pang has hijacked the system and is providing a copy of Wichai's print records, which show that the math exam was printed ahead of schedule from his personal computer, rather than the administrator one. Furthermore, she also has one of the many cheat sheets, which Tam had hidden in a book in the A Class library section for other A Class students to take. Wichai sends Pang back to F Class, which she is happy to do. The next day, Pang walks past A Class and congratulates Tam on getting away with everything thanks to Wichai taking all the blame. Namkaeng quotes an essay which Pang had written, telling her she has finally found a dream for herself. Later, Tee asks Pang why she snitched on F Class in the first place and Pang explains that she had felt lost with F Class because she still didn't have a dream. She wanted to know where she belonged and without going back to A Class, she would have never realised she belonged with F Class. When Pang finally returns to F Class, everyone hugs and cries. August 23, 2020
9 School Break Pang starts working in Beam's café. When Tee sees the two of them together, he feels jealous. He decides to transfer schools, using Black Sheep's success to get rid of Wichai as his reason. Meow passes the first round of a casting audition, and everyone (except for Tee) celebrates. Meen spikes the girls' drinks, and Pang admits to Meen that she likes Tee. She also asks Meen if Tee has a girlfriend and she tells her that Tee used to date Rain before she died. Beam asks Moss and Fui to help bring the girls home, and in a cabride, Miichan tells Moss that she wants to be more than friends. Fui takes Meen home and she passes out on a bench outside her home, so while Fui waits for Tee to see his calls, he tells Meen that he cares about her. When Tee finally comes out, Meen opens her eyes without Fui noticing, showing that Meen had been awake the whole time. Meow nearly misses her second round of auditions the next morning, but Kook helps her get there on time. The musician Tengnueng shows up at her audition and she freaks out and blows it anyway. Later that night, everyone goes to a small charity concert and surprisingly, Tengnueng performs (singing Senthang Ni (เส้นทางนี้) by Modern Dog). Meen and Fui talk things through and decide to take it slow. Pang asks Tee if he's really moving away, and he says it has always been his dream. She wonders if he saw her as a replacement for Rain, but he assures her he has always seen her as just Pang. Later, a board meeting is held to discuss Wichai's future. As he waits for them to vote, he receives a phone call from a student's father and thanks him for helping him with the school board. He talks to Tam, who says she has discovered Black Sheep's secret base and he also reveals that he has found out Tee and Meen are siblings. Incidentally, Meen and Pang want to go clean up the secret base, and the A Class students set the Black Sheep uniforms on fire in front of them. August 30, 2020
10 Protest Wichai is reinstated as the deputy director. The first thing he does is change the rules to say that anyone whose score reaches 0 points will be expelled. Tee is reduced to no contact with students and also no teaching, only leaving him with paper work until he will have to leave the school at the end of the term. As a punishment for Class F's actions as Black Sheep, their points are reduced down to 100. Namkaeng sends Pang a text that Tam is closing up their secret base, where Tam tells them that if anyone gets into the base again, they will all be expelled. Kook gets angry, but everyone else holds her back out of fear she would lose points. In the classroom, Gaprao says it is all Meen's fault. While nobody agrees with Gaprao, only Kook and Pang voice their disagreement. Lucky is seen meeting up with Tam, telling her that Black Sheep has fallen apart. Pang goes to talk to Meen alone, who says the best thing to do right now is to bear with the new rules as she doesn't want anyone to suffer the consequences of her actions any longer. Tee tells Pang that his school transferral got approved and after he asked for the process to be sped up, that day would be his last. That night, Pang gets her old Black Sheep uniform out of the closet and spray paints the symbol over the rules hung up in the hallway. The A Class students confront F Class, who deny their involvement. After they leave because they have no evidence, Meen asks Pang whether she has done it, who says yes. Lucky is again seen meeting with Tam, telling her it was Pang and asking for protection of the others. The A Class students spray paint even more logos all over the school and Meen gets angry with Pang, thinking it was her again. The A Class students call forward 10 suspects from classes B-E to taunt Black Sheep. Namkaeng has finally had enough and quits the student officers team. Pang decides to rescue the 10 students and everyone joins her, but Meen tries to beg them to stay. On their way out, they lock Meen in the bedroom. As they walk towards the right location, they notice Lucky on her phone and Kook sees a message to Tam. They realize she had given away all their secrets, including the location of their secret base, and caused the fight between Gaprao and Meen. Pang forgives Lucky as they have all forgiven her and tells her to go back to the dorm if she doesn't want to tag along. At the right building, Black Sheep is confronted by the student officers. Lucky and Meen arrive together, both in their Black Sheep uniform too. In front of Meringue's camera, Meen opens the door to let out the suspects, who refuse to come out, out of fear of being expelled. Tam calls her uncle, who is about to make an announcement when his door is opened. As a livestream starts, director Sansanee Tichakun announces her return to the school and sets every single student's score to 0 to start from scratch. September 6, 2020
11 Set Zero Before Wichai took charge of the school, it is shown that director Sansanee was against the implementation of the scoring system, fearing it would negatively affect students with a low score. Due to regular contact with Ms. May, she found out that a student had taken her life due to the school system. After hearing that he was now actively trying to expel the only students that were fighting against the system, she decided to come back. As the board had agreed to have her back even if only for three months, she is now again Wichai's boss and revoked the points system effective immediately. A Class and B Class want to convince the director to revert back to the old system. The director asks two representatives from each class to come to her office to the discuss the matter, and Meen suggests to use the annual school contest to decide the scores. The contests consists of an academic test as well as a sports examination. Additionally, she proposes a performance competition, where the other students would choose the winner. Tam argues that she would rather have the old scores back. The director lets all senior students vote on the school's app whether they would agree with letting the winner of the contest decide whether to go back to the old system or implement a new system. The vote wins in favour of the contest. Sansanee tells Wichai that members of the 10th and 11th class as well as some teachers will be the judges of the contest. Wichai tells Tam that he has given 11th class some incentives so they will be on the side of A class. The various classes decide on how and what to perform and Meen makes Pang the decision maker. Meen takes Pang to see Tee, and the rest of the group follow them. She asks for advice and he tells her the only way to find out what she likes or what she's good at is by trying various activities. In the end, Pang decides that their play should be about F Class and Black Sheep. September 13, 2020
12 Contest War Festival The first competition is a sports competition – laser tag –, which Tam ends up winning. Even though technological communication is forbidden, A Class uses walkie talkies to contact each other and a drone to locate other students. The second competition is translating English proverbs into Thai, which also an A class representative wins. The third competition is a sports game called kabaddi, which F Class wins thanks to Miichan. The fourth competition is a science computer competition, which A Class wins again. Email and Cornflakes feel like A Class knew the answers beforehand and that's how they were able to win the two academic tests so far. During the basketball game, the A class members fall down on purpose to make it look like F Class are fouling them. Gaprao, their strongest player, is sent to the sidelines and replaced by Pang, who cannot play basketball at all. Even though Pang scores the final throw, it is ruled as a foul and A Class is declared the winner of the semi-finals. The finals are supposed to be A Class vs. C Class, but due to food poisoning, C Class recedes, which makes A Class the overall winner. The business start-up plan contest is also won by A Class. Pang convinces Ms. May to swap the referees for A Class vs. F Class badminton game with those for the D Class vs. F Class e-sports competition. Kook and Meow are suffering from a stomach ache after having water tampered with by A Class, Pang and Meen ask to switch players. Tam tries to convince the referees not to allow it, but because they are not the ones that have been bribed by Wichai, they agree to let F Class swap players. F Class wins the e-sports game, and also win against Tam and Meringue in badminton. Director Tichakun makes an announcement that, from now on, only she herself will supervise and rule the contest as she has been informed of cheating. She also privately asks Ms. May for all teachers to send her a test example and she will decide which one to use. The top scores across all subjects are spread across all classes, with B Class scoring highest in Math and D Class scoring highest in social studies. A Class only came second in both subjects and even tied with F Class in social studies because of Pang. As F Class is practising for their play, Tee calls Pang. She asks if he will come to watch her play. He says yes, then asks her to go on a date to the zoo, to which Pang agrees. After the phone call, Namkaeng approaches F Class to ask for help. September 20, 2020
13 Forever During a relay competition, Tam pulls down Meen and then demands a rematch. Other A Class members tell her to stop and Meringue declares that the rest of A Class have had enough and kick her out of A Class. After Tam runs off, Pang finds her standing at the end of the roof top. Pang holds her so she doesn't fall, and Tam reveals that she told the teachers that Pang was cheating. Pang tells her that she always knew it was her, and together with Namkaeng, she manages to pull Tam up. Wichai sends Tam the answers to cheat on the science exam, but she scores 99 out of 100 without opening the email. He tries to give her new orders for the performance competition, but Tam finally stands up to him and say she will no longer take orders from him. When they arrive at the performance venue, everything is trashed and Wichai suggests to postpone the contest. Tam, however, says it's not right and that they want to perform. All students together aim to fix the props and stage in the two hours before the gates open. A Class performs a country dance, B Class plays live music, C Class does a scary story reading drama, D Class performs a comedy gag, E Class does a fashion show, and F Class performs their play. Tee arrives late, but that is because he picked up Pang's sister Puean on the way. Staged as a medieval fantasy story, it retells the story of the previous 12 episodes. F Class wins the performance, which gives them enough points to win the overall competition. Meen, as the representative, suggests that all students together will come up with a new system for the school. Furthermore, she wants to hear other improvement suggestions and students say they want a new uniform. Tee takes Pang on the promised date. On the day of graduation, F Class goes back to their old Black Sheep base, where they talk about their future plans. Pang decides to take a gap year to figure out what she wants to do. After a tearful hug, the show ends. September 27, 2020