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Welcome to Wiki48 at!

Our wiki currently has 29,805 wiki pages, 18,927 uploaded files and 250,930 wiki edits in total.
We also have 422 users, who are more or less actively contributing this wiki making it an awesome project

Today is Wednesday, 11 December 2019 - time is 14:28 (UTC) and it's currently week 50/2019

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Current projects (as of 2019/11/12)

  1. Go through all the uploaded files.. - Profile pictures (for JPN48 - list these) -> group/team photos (list these) -> single covers (list these) -> profile pictures (CHN48 - list these) -> K/N46 profile pics (list these as well) -> PB covers
  2. Update Birthday List -> list updated 2018/10/22 -> check everything again later
  3. Add missing SSK posters (+profile pictures?) to gallery of each member page! -> Special:UnusedFiles might be handy! (edit (2018/10/22): Team 8 SSK posters were added by someone else so skip those)

I mostly add social media links and fix some little things when coming across :)

Fixing double-redirects
Deleting unnecessary files, pages and templates from time to time
Sometimes fixing little grammar mistakes

Useful links:

Birthday List - DVDs - Number of members - Photobooks - Social Networks

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