Ahn Yujin

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Ahn Yujin
Ahn Yujin (2019) (Buenos Aires)
Korean name 안유진
Birthdate September 1, 2003  
Birthplace Flag of South Korea.png Daejeon, South Korea  
Blood type O
Current Age 16 Years Old
Height 168cm
Professional Info
Agency Starship Entertainment, Off The Record
Idol Career Info
Debuted October, 2018

Ahn Yujin is a member of IZONE.



  • In January, became a trainee under Starship Entertainment.
  • In February, appeared in the music video for "Biga wa" by Soyou & Baekhyun.
  • In April, appeared in the music video for "OPPA" by Yu Seungwoo & Sandeul.
  • In April, she also appeared in a commercial alongside the male Korean idol Eunwoo, for Clearteen, a Korean anti-acne cream.
  • In July, appeared in a commercial for Acuvue, a Korean contactlense brand.
  • In August, appeared in the music video for "JUST U" by Jeong Sewoon.


  • In April, appeared in the music video for "Thirst" by Mad Clown & Ailee.
  • In April, appeared in a commercial for KCon Japan alongside The Bozy Juyeon.
  • In June, had her first appearance as a candidate on Produce 48.
  • On August 31st, came fifth place on the final episode of Produce 48 with a total of 280,487 votes. This meant she would have her debut as a member of IZONE.
    • Her official color in IZONE is soft navy.
  • On October 29th, IZONE's debut album COLOR*IZ was released, featuring Yujin in all songs.
  • On December 12th, appeared on King of Masked Singer and the pseudonym Icicle.


  • On February 6th, had her Japan debut with Suki to Iwasetai.
  • Starting on March 13th, became a cast member of Mafia Game in Prison alongside Choi Yena.
  • Starting on March 29th, became the MC on My Little Television.

Singles Participation

IZONE A-sides

IZONE B-sides

Other Songs

  • Pick Me (Naekkeoya)
  • Pick Me (Nekkoya)
  • Very Very Very (Produce 48 Cover ver.)
  • Sorry Not Sorry (Freedo Remix) (Produce 48 Cover ver.)
  • I Am
  • We Together (Produce 48 ver.)
  • Yume wo Miteiru Aida (Produce 48 ver.)

Media Appearances


  • Produce 48 (2018)
  • King of Masked Singer - Icicle (2018)

Variety Shows

  • IZ*ONE CHU (2018-)
  • Idol Room (2018-)
  • Weekly Idol (2018-)
  • AmigoTV (Season 4) (2018)
  • QT Show (2018)
  • JTBC Human Intelligence (2018)
  • The Show Mini Game (2018)
  • Comedy Big League (2018)
  • AbemaTV (2019)
  • Mafia Game in Prison (2019-)
  • My Little Television) (Season 2) (2019-)



  • Her official color is Blue.
  • She trained for 1 year and 4 months before appearing on Produce 48.
  • Specialty: Girl’s hip hop and piano
  • Will attend SOPA along with Fromis_9‘s Jiheon and Fanatics‘ Kim Doah. Yujin will be in the department of theatre and film.
  • Was famous before Produce 48 because she appeared in a contact lens CF.
  • Is close to Jiheon from fromis_9 because they are from the same agency and are the same age.
  • Her favorite ice cream flavor is green tea.
  • Is the “vitamin” of IZ*ONE. (Fansign Nov 3, 2018)
  • Is good at sports
  • Participated on King of Mask Singer and is the youngest competitor in the show’s history (15 years and 104 days old).
  • Is from Daejeon originally, but she and her family now live in Seoul.
  • Enjoys shopping around in Gangnam
  • Appeared in Jung Sewoon’s Just U MV, Soyou and Baekhyun’s Rain MV, Ailee and Mad Clown’s Thirst MV, and Yoo Seungwoo and Sandeul’s Oppa MV.
  • Appeared in many TV commercials prior to competing on Produce48.


Ahn Yujin (2019) (HEART*IZ Sapphire Ver.)
Ahn Yujin (2019) (HEART*IZ Violeta Ver.)
Ahn Yujin (2019) (Suki to Iwasetai)
Ahn Yujin (2018) (COLOR*IZ Rose Ver.)
Ahn Yujin (2018) (COLOR*IZ Color Ver.)
Ahn Yujin (2018) (COLOR*IZ Color Ver.)
Ahn Yujin (2018)
Ahn Yujin (Produce 48)


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