Liu LiQian

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Liu LiQian
Hanzi 刘丽千
Pinyin Liú LìQiān
Nickname LiLiZhu (丽丽猪)
Birth Info
Birthdate July 13
Birthplace Flag of China.png Hubei, China
Blood type A
Current Age ** Years Old
Nationality Chinese
Height 172 cm
Professional Info
Agency Shanghai Siba culture media Ltd.
Social Networks Weibo
Idol Career Info
Group SNH48
Team Team SII
Debuted September, 2019 / 12th Generation

Liu LiQian is a member of SNH48's Team SII.


  • Skills: Catwalking, Eating Ice Cubes, Drawing
  • Hobbies: Drawing, Eating Hotpot, Playing King of Glory

Team History

Team SII
Joined SNH48 as a Team SII on September 15, 2019


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