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overture is the opening song present on all stages and performances from AKB48, its respective sister groups and Nogizaka46. Every 48 Group has their own version of overture (and Nogizaka46, with OVERTURE). The members do not perform during "overture", with all the versions (with the exception of NGT48, STU48, SDN48, BNK48, TPE48, MNL48, BEJ48, GNZ48 and SHY48) being sung by DJ Taz. The only time he appeared in stage to perform the song live with fans was during Request Hour 2008, where the song ranked at 78th place.

The exception to this is the overture for the subunit No Sleeves. Takahashi Minami did the overture during their 10 Year Anniversary Concert.

Composer/Arranger of the AKB48 Group
Ozawa Takumi
Composer/Arranger of the Sakamichi Group
Watanabe Hisashi

AKB48 Request Hour

NMB48 Request Hour