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    Eccentric - My fave Keyaki song on a consistent basis. The production is unlike any song I've listened to, in a really good way, and the lyrics are a great way to accept being different. I also love the video!
    Fukyouwaon - Lyrics are some of my faves, and has one of the best production for dark, gritty songs. The reason it is my 2nd fave stems from the RoK 2017 performance though. There was so much energy in the choreo of the song, and Techi and Neru nail their "Boku wa Yada!" lines. It's the best performance I've seen in a concert, and it being a kick ass song helps a lot.
    W-Keyaki - I usually don't like upbeat songs (I'm an edgelord) but W-Keyaki has just such a fun beat. The lyrics are ok for me, but something about the production in the chorus makes me fall in love with it. The key change in the final chorus is also amazing too, and the the biggest reason that I love the song.
    Kuroi - This song is just so beautiful. The lyrics are painful, but have a glimmer of hope, the beat feels so grand, and the video and Sakamichi TV live are just amazing. Nothing more to say, just a beautiful song.
    Ambivalent - Seeing the mc of the song be so on the fence of love is funny to me, and is something I can relate to. The beat is so different, reminds me of Halloween Night in its departure from the norm. The live version being a collection of the first 6 singles is also a joy to see as well.
    Hi ga Noboru Made - Imo, Zuumin's voice is one of the best in all of either Sakamichi or 48G, and here is no different. Her singing is heartbreaking, and the lyrics match the pain of this being Zuumin's grad solo.
    Hiraishin - Don't know how to explain this one, it's just a song that has moments of angst and comfort, with the lyrics matching up well.
    Heel - The song that made me fall in love with Yuuka's singing voice. Her voice just sounds so great, and Nen's voice isn't too bad either. Plus, the lyrics feel so relatable right now in my life.

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