Single Nogizaka46 28th [Kimi ni Shikarareta] (2021/09/22)

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  1. halcyon

    halcyon Next Girls Wiki48 Editor

    Feb 13, 2018
    Shibata Yuna
    Nogizaka46's 28th Single
    君に叱られた (Kimi ni Shikarareta)
    Released: 2021.09.22




    1. Kimi ni Shikarareta 君に叱られた (Senbatsu) [MV]
    2. Yasashii Dakenara やさしいだけなら (Ikuta Erika, Kubo Shiori, Kaki Haruka)
    3. [Type-A] Machine Gun Rain マシンガンレイン (Unders) [MV]
    4. [Type-B] Moshimo Kokoro ga Tomeinara もしも心が透明なら (Umezawa Minami, Nakamura Reno, Hayakawa Seira, Matsuo Miyu) [MV]
    5. [Type-C] Watashi no Iro 私の色 (Takayama Kazumi) [MV]
    6. [Type-D] Dorodarake 泥だらけ (Endo Sakura, Kubo Shiori, Saito Asuka, Tsutsui Ayame, Yamashita Mizuki, Wada Maaya) [MV]
    7. [Regular] Tanin no Sorani 他人のそら似 (All members)
    As announced on July 14th 2021 at Day 1 of the Osaka leg of Summer Tour 2021.

    Official release:

    Individual online meet & greet schedule for 28th single has been announced:
    1. 2021.09.26 (Sunday)
    2. 2021.10.16 (Saturday)
    3. 2021.10.31 (Sunday - Halloween)
    4. 2021.11.13 (Saturday)
    5. 2021.12.05 (Sunday)
    6. 2021.12.25 (Saturday - Christmas)
    Participating members:
    • Higuchi Hina
    • Wada Maaya
    • Kitano Hinako
    • Suzuki Ayane
    • Yamazaki Rena
    • Ito Riria
    • Iwamoto Renka
    • Umezawa Minami
    • Kubo Shiori
    • Sakaguchi Tamami
    • Sato Kaede
    • Nakamura Reno
    • Mukai Hazuki
    • Yamashita Mizuki
    • Yoshida Ayano Christie
    • Yoda Yuki
    • Endo Sakura
    • Kaki Haruka
    • Kakehashi Sayaka
    • Kanagawa Saya
    • Kitagawa Yuri
    • Kuromi Haruka
    • Sato Rika
    • Shibata Yuna
    • Seimiya Rei
    • Tamura Mayu
    • Tsutsui Ayame
    • Hayakawa Seira
    • Hayashi Runa
    • Matsuo Miyu
    • Yakubo Mio
    • Yumiki Nao
    * Akimoto Manatsu, Ikuta Erika, Saito Asuka, Takayama Kazumi, Hoshino Minami, Shinuchi Mai and Terada Ranze will not be participating in the individual online meet & greet events.
    * Ito Riria will not be participating on October 16th (Saturday) due to her studies.
    * Iwamoto Renka will not be participating on October 16th (Saturday) and December 25th (Saturday) due to her studies.
    * Nakamura Reno will not be participating on October 16th (Saturday) and November 13th (Saturday) due to scheduling.
    * Kitagawa Yuri is currently not scheduled to participate on December 5th (Sunday) and December 25th (Saturday) due to her studies, but additional blocks will be sold if she becomes available on those days.
    * Kuromi Haruka will not be participating in the 1st and 2nd blocks of October 16th (Saturday), and will not be participating on October 31st (Sunday) due to her studies.
    * Seimiya Rei will not be participating 1st to 3rd blocks on October 16th (Saturday) and 1st to 3rd blocks on December 25th (Saturday) due to her studies.
    * Tsutsui Ayame will not be participating on December 25th (Saturday) due to her studies.
    * Hayashi Runa will not be participating on November 13th (Saturday) due to her studies.
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  2. Generic_User

    Generic_User Under Girls Stage48 Donor

    Jan 4, 2016
    The Ikuta Erika
    Let's go. Yodacho for center!
  3. sdn48oshi

    sdn48oshi Upcoming Girls

    Jun 6, 2012
    I’m hoping for a new 3rd Gen to center (Ume or Kubo)
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  4. NyanNyan's Pet

    NyanNyan's Pet Next Girls

    Mar 10, 2016
    Well, GnFC didn't click well with me so this announcement is a welcome development.

    Let me just say, I hope it's not an Ikuchan grad single. I wish Kaki will be center but since 27th is a 4th gen center, I know it's a long shot but let's go Kubo.
    I'm expecting Kakehashi's Senbatsu debut, but I'm hoping for Shibata or one of those 5 girls if possible Rika or Runa. Not much room for new Senbatsu members if they won't drop anyone. If they don't bring in another 2nd gen, I guess that means it will be like this until all of them graduate. If they can give 2nd gen a little love, I think Kitano should be the one returning. They might drop Higuchi so Maaya won't be alone there.

    After Saku x Momo then Yoda x Ayame, I betting the next is Mizuki x Kaki duo. I'm guessing this time all remaining 4th gen will be part of UG. I hope it's a new UG center, try Reno if it's not Ayane or Ranze. Can't worry too much about graduations. It's inevitable. I'm quite excited about this. Who would have thought it'll be this fast.
  5. STS

    STS Future Girls

    Jun 27, 2014
    Rei is center, I hope... =)
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  6. Kataomoi

    Kataomoi Member

    Aug 13, 2019
    kiichan & Yamazaki in senbatsu and Kaki for Center.
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  7. unknownsensei

    unknownsensei Upcoming Girls

    Jan 21, 2020
    I dont mind if asuka back in the center again now, anyway im hoping for a great song for this year japan record taisho.
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  8. ritto2908

    ritto2908 Member

    Feb 27, 2018
    Umezawa Minami
    Ume/Kubo and Kakki for w-center. It's been long since we got one.
  9. miwa

    miwa Upcoming Girls

    Feb 9, 2019
    Sasaki Mirei
    I want an Asuka center.
  10. MasToppu

    MasToppu Next Girls

    Jun 29, 2016
    Kosaka Nao
    I hope the rest of the non-senbatsu 4th gen members will be integrated to Under.
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  11. baymon

    baymon Next Girls

    Jun 28, 2014
    Shiraishi Mai
    It might be Zukki Sakura w-center, mgmt might think of pushing them as new aces like Maiyan-Nanase. Not that I'm fond of this, just my prediction.
    If it's a solo center, it might be Yoda's turn this time.

    But my wish is Kubo center or Kubo-Zukki w-center. Also Renka fukujin, Kiichan and Renachi for senbatsu.
  12. unknownsensei

    unknownsensei Upcoming Girls

    Jan 21, 2020
    They should do this soon, or else it will be messed up when they add in 5ki.
  13. SteCola

    SteCola Future Girls

    Jul 4, 2015
    Since they paired them a lot since a while, I expect an Asuka/Mizuki w/center if it's not a grad single.

    I think it's early for a 5ki and I really hope we don't get it soon, but why should they? It's not like from previous gens ALL the members have been in senbatsu so why should it be different for 4ki? Senbatsu is not granted for everyone.
  14. ajma93632

    ajma93632 Kenkyuusei

    Aug 21, 2019
    Shiraishi Mai
    Yes, new single :banana:

    I guess tbe senbatsu announcement will be either this Sunday or the next one.

    What I expect:
    - 4th gen incorporated to Unders
    - Kiichan back to senbatsu (I can't see her out of senbatsu)
    - Kakehashi Sayaka first senbatsu
    - Asuka center (I think mngmt want her to center once per year at least XD)

    What I wish
    - Ranze and/or Ayane back into senbatsu
    -Maichun first Fukujin ( Probably impossible but who knows XD)

    So excited about this single :D
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  15. nazou

    nazou Kenkyuusei

    Nov 28, 2020
    Some thoughts:
    Whoever is the center, I hope the song and the MV are good.
    Actually I don't think Asuka needs to center more.
    Hopefully no graduation this time.
    No more gen song and establish mixed units. I want to see the bond.
    Quality Under song.
    Kiichan re-enters senbatsu.
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  16. SputnikZ

    SputnikZ Kenkyuusei

    May 12, 2013
    I have the feeling someone is graduating this single, most probably Ikuchan or Kazumin, otherwise they wouldn’t be rushing a new release so soon. Whoever graduates will probably have their last live in Tokyo Dome.
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  17. baymon

    baymon Next Girls

    Jun 28, 2014
    Shiraishi Mai
    I have the same feeling. To have graduation in Tokyo Dome, it can only be 2 possible big name....
  18. mayuri91

    mayuri91 Upcoming Girls

    Apr 3, 2014
    south east asia
    I think the centre should be either mizuki/sakura/asuka. Nogi need very consistent face for a few more singles. But i welcome any new centres because someone like kaki/kubo/ume/yoda/ikuta deserves the position too. They all have been well loved by fans until now.
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  19. sambelteri12

    sambelteri12 Next Girls

    Sep 21, 2018
    Nakamoto Himeka and Ito Marika?
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  20. JoltFiend

    JoltFiend Future Girls Stage48 Donor

    Oct 10, 2012
    California USA
    Iku/Kaz double center that Shitara joked about a few months ago on Kojichuu. :fear:
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