2022 PPop Con Concert

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The PPOP Con Concert is an annual event held in Manila, hosting different idol groups. The event was held in 2022 on the weekend from April 9th to April 10th. The convention started from April 9th with the major concert held at the 10th. Various idol groups performed at the same stage set up for the event.

Performing Members

Group Team Member
MNL48 Team MII Cristine Jan Elaurza, Dana Leanne Brual, Dana Yzabel Divinagracia, Maria Jamie Beatrice Alberto, Princess Rius Briquillo, Sandee Garcia, Shekinah Arzaga
Team NIV Abelaine Trinidad, Coleen Trinidad, Jemimah Caldejon, Lara Mae Layar, Ruther Marie Lingat
 Team L Dian Marie Mercado, Ella Mae Amat
 Team Unknown Allyza Mae Roxas, Bhrianna Chriszell Chua

MNL48 (Main Stage) (19:25~19:45)

M00. Overture
M01. Iiwake Maybe (Coleen Trinidad Center)
M02. High Tension (Abelaine Trinidad Center)
M03. NO WAY MAN (Abelaine Trinidad Center)


  • This is the first major concert in the Philippines since the pandemic.