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The AKB48 Group Asia Festival 2021 ONLINE was a virtual concert on June 26, 2021 at Tokyo Dome City Hall featuring AKB48, JKT48, BNK48, MNL48, AKB48 Team SH, AKB48 Team TP, SGO48, and CGM48.


M00 overture (Special Version)
M01 Aitakatta (Japanese > Tagalog > Mandarin > Thai > Indonesian > Japanese ver.) (AKB48, MNL48, AKB48 Team SH, BNK48, JKT48)
AKB48 Team TP Section
VTR - Message from AKB48 Team TP
M02 Yume e no Route - pre-recorded
M03 Only Today - pre-recorded
VTR - Message from AKB48 Team TP
M04 Sakura no Hanabiratachi - pre-recorded
AKB48 Interlude
M05 Idol Nante Yobanaide (Omori Maho, Oguri Yui, Gyoten Yurina, Chiba Erii)
MNL48 Section
M06 High Tension (Gabrielle Skribikin Center)
M07 First Rabbit (Francese Therese Pinlac & Amanda Isidto Centers)
MC (Abelaine Trinidad, Shekinah Arzaga, Maria Jamie Beatrice Alberto, Guinevere Faith Muse, Cristine Jan Elaurza)
M08 HASHLOVE (Acapella ver.)
M09 Green Flash (Acapella + Beatbox ver.)
M10 Pag-ibig Fortune Cookie (Acapella + Beatbox ver.)
M11 RIVER (Abelaine Trinidad & Gabrielle Skribikin Centers)
AKB48 Interlude
M12 Himawari (Shitao Miu, Nishikawa Rei, Muto Tomu, Yamauchi Mizuki)
JKT48 Section
M13 Darashinai Aishikata (Shani Indira Natio Center)
M14 109 (Marukyu) (Jazz Band ver.) (Feni Fitriyanti Center)
M15 Virgin love (Jazz Band ver.) (Shania Gracia Center)
M16 Rapsodi (Shani Indira Natio Center)
AKB48 Interlude
M17 Kioku no Dilemma (Kuranoo Narumi, Kubo Satone, Taniguchi Megu, Honda Hitomi)
CGM48 Section
M18 Mali (Vithita Srasreesom (Kaning) Center)
M19 Chiang Mai 106 (Sita Teeradechsakul Center)
M20 Chain of love (Pundita Koontawee (Fortune) Center)
M21 CGM48 (Izuta Rina & Punyawee Jungcharoen (Aom) Center)
AKB48 Interlude
M22 Namida no Hyomen Choryoku (Okada Nana, Okabe Rin, Kato Rena, Murayama Yuiri)
AKB48 Team SH Section
M23 Qian Qiu Ling (千秋令) (AKB48 Team SH, Ye ZhiEn Center)
M24 Kaze wa Fuiteiru (AKB48 Team SH, Gui ChuChu & Liu Nian Center)
M25 Kurayami (AKB48 Team SH, Liu Nian Center)
M26 Iiwake Maybe (AKB48 Team SH, Zeng SiChun Center)
SGO48 Section
VTR - Message from SGO48
M27 SGO48 (Special Music Video) (Hikari Center)
M28 Heavy Rotation (Special Music Video) (Anna Center)
M29 Koi Suru Fortune Cookie (Special Music Video) (Ánh Sáng Center)
M30 RIVER (Special Music Video) (Kaycee Center)
BNK48 Section
M31 D.AAA (Pimrapat Phadungwatanachok (Mobile) Center)
M32 Sukida Sukida Sukida (Praewa Suthamphong (Music) Center)
M33 Only Today (Pimrapat Phadungwatanachok (Mobile) Center)
M34 Oogoe Diamond (Praewa Suthamphong (Music) Center)
M35 Dode Di Dong (Milin Dokthian (Namneung) Center)
AKB48 Section
M- overture
M36 Koi no Onawa (Okada Nana Center)
M37 Flying Get (Honda Hitomi Center)
M38 Ponytail to Shushu (Okada Nana & Oguri Yui Center)
M39 Chime wa LOVE SONG (Murayama Yuiri & Yamauchi Mizuki Center)
M40 HA! (Kubo Satone & Muto Tomu Center)
M41 Melon Juice (Oguri Yui & Kubo Satone Center)
M42 Sekai wa Doko Made Aozora na no ka? (Okabe Rin Center)
M43 Pedal to Sharin to Kita Michi to (Shitao Miu Center)
M44 LALALA Message (Oguri Yui Center)
M45 365nichi no Kamihikouki (ALL48, Okada Nana Center)

TikTok Competition


  • PART 1: (2021.06.26) All the members involved posted videos on the official AKB48 Group Asia Festival TikTok account. Those who received the most views would win the opportunity to train with another international group of their choice. Points were collected based on views and comments per video. Points were collected individually for each video rather than per person, which means some members ranked more than once per category.
  • PART 2: (2021.06.27) The points of all videos were counted together. The group with the most points would receive the privilege of hosting the Asia Festival next time.

Winners - Part 1

Winners - Part 2

  1. BNK48 (50,929,661 points)
  2. CGM48 (25,233,432 points)
  3. JKT48 (4,183,768 points)

Performing Members

AKB48 (Flag of Japan.png Japan, Host)

JKT48 (Flag of Indonesia.png Indonesia)

BNK48 (Flag of Thailand.png Thailand)

MNL48 (Flag of Philippines.png Philippines)

AKB48 Team SH (Flag of China.png China)

AKB48 Team TP (Flag of Taiwan.png Taiwan)

SGO48 (Flag of Vietnam.png Vietnam)

CGM48 (Flag of Thailand.png Thailand)


  • First AKB48 Group Asia Festival participation of CGM48.
  • Currently, the largest AKB48 Group Asia Festival with a total of 145 participating members.
  • Due to Kashiwagi Yuki's medical leave requiring preventive spinal surgery, and Yokoyama Yui filing a leave of absence due to illness, they will be substituted by Taniguchi Megu and Honda Hitomi, respectively.
  • It was announced that Kato Rena will replace Mukaichi Mion due to the latter being positive for COVID-19.
  • It was announced that SGO48 members Tiên Linh and Thu Nga will be replaced by Mon and Sunny.
  • AKB48 Team TP and SGO48 only participated via video recordings due to the high rates of COVID-19, which made live performances unsafe.
  • AKB48 Team SH performed their first original song, Qian Qiu Ling, for the very first time. It was the first time anyone heard the song.
  • This concert served as the final performance for MNL48 members Aubrey Binuya and Gabrielle Skribikin.
  • When announcing the individual winners for the TikTok competition, during the first section for Dance, they accidentally showed Jennis' #1 points when revealing 3rd place. It is therefore not clear, how many points the 3rd place video made.

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