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Jennis Oprasert
Jennis Oprasert (March 2019)
Thai เจนนิษฐ์ โอ่ประเสริฐ
Nickname Jennis (ジェニス, เจนนิษฐ์)
Birth Info
Birthdate July 4, 2000
Birthplace Flag of Thailand.png Bangkok, Thailand
Blood type O
Current Age 24 Years Old
Height 159cm
Professional Info
Agency **
Social Networks Instagram / Twitter / YouTube
Idol Career Info
Former Group BNK48
Former Team Team BIII
Debuted February, 2017 / 1st Generation
Graduated December, 2022

Jennis (Jennis Oprasert) was the vice-captain of BNK48's Team BIII and a member of VYRA.


  • Name in Japanese: ジェニス・オープラサート
  • Hobbies: Playing sports, watching anime
  • Likes: Chocolate, collecting model weapons, makeup
  • Special skills: Muay Thai
  • Representative symbol: The kingfisher bird ('Kraten', her nickname in Thai) & the unicorn
  • Good friend with: Kunjiranut Woraraksa (Jane) & Punsikorn Tiyakorn (Pun)
  • Known for her stern, serious & tsundere personality.
  • Her nickname is 'lukpi' (Gangleader) due to her strong & severe image.
  • One of the smartest members of BNK48 according to an IQ test.
  • Part of the 4 Goddesses Unit with Cherprang Areekul, Praewa Suthamphong (Music) & Punsikorn Tiyakorn (Pun). This unit is usually considered the 'top members' of BNK48.
  • Applied Chemistry major at Chulalongkorn University.
  • Famous for her bulging biceps & atheletic body.
  • Considers herself a Slytherin.
  • Acted as the lead actress in the indie film Where We Belong
  • Has acted in dramas as a child.
  • Is part Chinese and Lao.
  • At the BNK48 Janken Tournament 2020, won the first place for best costume.

BNK48 Senbatsu Election

BNK48 Janken Tournaments

AKB48 Senbatsu Elections

Team History

BNK48 TraineeTeam BIII → Graduation
Joined BNK48 as a Trainee on February 12, 2017
Promoted to Team BIII on December 24, 2017 (Team BIII formation)
Graduated from BNK48 on December 18, 2022 (Announced October 8, 2022)

Singles Participation

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Stage Units

BIII1 (PARTY ga Hajimaru yo)
Kiss wa Dame yo
Classmate (Swap)
Hoshi no Ondo (Swap)
TN1 (PARTY ga Hajimaru yo)
Kiss wa Dame yo (Support)
BIII-W1 (Waiting Stage)
Yume e no Route
BIII2 (Saishuu Bell ga Naru)
Return Match

Concert Units

BNK48 D-DAY -Jiradapa Produced Concert-

BNK48 1st Concert "STARTO"

BNK48 Space Mission Concert

AKB48 Group Asia Festival 2019 in Bangkok

Media Appearances



  • Be My Boy The Series (รักแล้วไง...หยุดไม่ได้แล้วล่ะ) (2018)
  • The Broken Us (ณ ขณะเหงา) (2022)
  • SCHOOL TALES Series (2022)


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