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General Information

Jiwaru DAYS is a special single released by BNK48. This single commemorates the graduation of BNK48's 1st Generation who decided to not renew their contracts. From the 22 members of the generation, only 3 have decided to renew and remain as members of the group. Therefore, this single is the formal 'graduation' single of the entire generation as we know it.

CD Information

Jiwaru DAYS
Release Date
2022.11.21 (Digital Single)
2022.12.21 (CD)
CD / 350฿

CD Tracklist Details

Digital Single
  1. Jiwaru DAYS / 1st Generation
  1. Jiwaru DAYS / 1st Generation
  2. Pioneer / 1st Generation
  3. Sakura no Ki ni Narou (ดั่งซากุระ ตลอดไป) / 1st Generation
  4. Jiwaru DAYS (instrumental)
  5. Pioneer (instrumental)
  6. Sakura no Ki ni Narou (instrumental)

Included Members

"Jiwaru DAYS"

1st Generation (22 Members) (Music, Mobile, & Pupe Centers)


1st Generation (22 Members) (Pun & Jennis Centers)

"Sakura no Ki ni Narou"

1st Generation (22 Members) (Kaew Center)


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Jiwaru DAYS
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