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CD Information

Touch by Heart (หัวใจใกล้กัน)
Release Date
2020.04.02 – Thai version
2020.04.14 – Japanese version
2020.04.17 – Lanna version
2020.04.20 - Special version
2020.04.21 – English version
2020.04.28 – Chinese Version
2020.06.09 – Isaan version
2020.06.15 – featuring Grab (food delivery service)
Independent Artist Management / ฿19

Tracklist Details

  1. Touch by Heart (หัวใจใกล้กัน)

Included Members

Thai version

Japanese version

Lanna version

Special Version

English Version

Chinese Version

Isaan Version

Featuring Grab

General Information

Touch by Heart is a digital single released by BNK48.


  • The song was released in order to support people suffering from COVID-19.
  • All the members recorded their parts alone at home, rather than in a recording booth.
  • In the Thai version, the chosen members are all captains or vice-captains.
  • In the Japanese version, all members are either Japanese (Izurina, Miori and Satchan) or can speak Japanese (Jaa, Music, Kaimook).
  • In the Lanna version, all members of CGM48 participated.
    • Lanna is the local language of a Northern region in Thailand.
  • In the special version, every member of BNK48 and CGM48, including Trainees, participated.
  • In the version featuring Grab, regular workers of the food delivery service Grab appeared in the video. This version was meant to highlight the importance of food delivery people, who continued to bring food to people even during the pandemic.

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Touch by Heart
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