Warinrat Yolprasong (Niky)

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Warinrat Yolprasong
Niky (March 2019)
Thai วรินท์รัตน์ ยลประสงค์
Nickname Niky (ニキー, นิกี้)
Birth Info
Birthdate January 26, 2005
Birthplace Flag of Thailand.png Chiang Mai, Thailand
Blood type O
Current Age 19 Years Old
Height 159cm
Professional Info
Agency iAM
Social Networks Facebook / Instagram
Idol Career Info
Former Group BNK48
Former Team Team BIII
Debuted April, 2018 / 2nd Generation
Graduated April, 2024

Niky (Warinrat Yolprasong) was a member of BNK48's Team BIII. She is also a member of QRRA.


  • Name in Japanese: ワリンラット・ヨンプラソン
  • Hobbies: Listening to music, exercise
  • Likes: Earrings, baby pink, makham thed (monkeypod)
  • Representative symbol: The raccoon
  • Youngest member of BNK48 2nd Generation.
  • She is said to be mature beyond her years in both her mentality & her skills.
  • Has Thai-Dutch heritage.
  • Is regarded as one of the strongest dancers of BNK48. Specialises in songs with strong dance moves.
  • Because of her powerful stage presence, fans have given her the tagline 'Small but spicy' which she has accepted.
  • Has an enigmatic & mysterious image.
  • Often has a dead-pan facial expression.
  • Produces short videos of her cooking rare traditional Thai foods while half-asleep.

BNK48 Senbatsu Election

BNK48 Janken Tournaments

Team History

BNK48 TraineeTeam BIII → Graduation
Joined BNK48 as a Trainee on April 29, 2018.
Promoted to Team BIII on November 16, 2019
Graduated from BNK48's Team BIII on April 30, 2024. (Announced Graduation: February 26, 2024 | Graduation Ceremony: April 28, 2024)

Singles Participation

BNK48 A-Sides

BNK48 B-Sides

QRRA Singles

Other Singles



Stage Units

TN1 (PARTY ga Hajimaru yo)
Skirt, Hirari
Classmate (Swap)
Kiss wa Dame yo (Swap)
Anata to Christmas Eve (Swap)
Hoshi no Ondo (Swap)
BIII1 (PARTY ga Hajimaru yo)
Skirt, Hirari (Under)
BIII-W1 (Waiting Stage)
Yume e no Route (Under)
BIII2 (Saishuu Bell ga Naru)
Gomen ne Jewel (Center)

Concert Units

BNK48 Space Mission Concert
BNK48 2nd Generation -Blooming Season Concert-

AKB48 Group CIRCLE JAM 2023

Team Cool

BNK48 vs CGM48 Concert “The Battle of Idols”

Media Appearances



Niky BNK48 1st Senbatsu Sousenkyo Poster (2019)
Niky (November 2018)
Niky (September 2018)
Niky (May 2018)
Niky (April 2018)