Gyoten Yurina

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Gyoten Yurina
Gyoten Yurina (2019)
Kanji 行天優莉奈
Kana ぎょうてん ゆりな
Romaji Gyōten Yurina
Nickname Yurina (ゆりな), Gyo-chan (ぎょうちゃん), Tenten (てんてん)
Birth Info
Birthdate March 14, 1999  
Birthplace Flag of Japan.png Kan’onji, Kagawa, Japan
Blood type O
Current Age 25 Years Old
Height 162cm
Professional Info
Social Networks Official Fanclub / 7gogo / Instagram / SHOWROOM / TikTok / Twitter
Idol Career Info
Group KLP48
Team KLP48
Debuted April 2014 / Team 8  
Prefecture Kagawa
Lightstick Colors
Pink Pink

Gyoten Yurina is a member of KLP48.


Kagawa-ken kara kimashita koukou 1 nensei 25-sai no Gyoten Yurina desu. Kyou wa mina-san wo bikkuri (Gyoten) saseru ken na


  • Team 8 Performances: Tokushima, Hiroshima, Gunma, Miyagi
  • Favorite AKB48 stage song: Ano Hi no Jibun
  • Hobbies: Dancing, watching anime, dramas, shopping, fashion, reading
  • Special skills: Dance, Bass guitar
  • Strong points: Smile
  • Weak points: Always have doubts
  • Charm point: Dimple when smiling
  • Favorite word: "Thank you", "I love you"
  • Favorite foods: Strawberry, chocolate, kake udon, Kagawa local chicken
  • Hated foods: Umeboshi, tomatoes, pickled plum
  • Admired members: Kojima Haruna, Yokoyama Yui, Murayama Yuiri
  • Close friends: Takahashi Ayane, Sato Akari
  • Describe yourself in one word: Chill
  • How I relieve my stress: Eating
  • Animal you would describe yourself as: Rabbit
  • Future Dream: Actress, Voice Actress, Model, to appear in a drama
  • Message to the fans: I am always smiling, so I will do my best to make everyone happy with my smile. I count with your support.
  • Her name kanji were chosen with the wish that she would grow up "beautiful and gentle like a lily flower". Yuri can mean "lily flower", while the kanji means "gentle".
  • Her family name “Gyoten” is uncommon. In a 2019 article it was stated that only around 630 people in Japan share the name.
  • She has a younger sister and a younger brother.
    • Her younger sister, Gyoten Marina, was a local idol in their hometown in a group called Kimitomo Candy.
  • She was born with a very full head of hair. She had significantly more hair than the average infant for the first year of her life.
  • Theater manager Hosoi Takahiro described her as dedicated to her work, and said her acting skills have improved greatly. He also said that her appearance and personality are still childish, despite being an adult.
  • She likes anime that involve battles.
  • She likes manga series Demon Slayer.
  • She likes reading novels, particularly mystery stories and romance stories.
  • Her best subject is mathematics. She says she has excelled in it since junior high school.
  • If she could have any superpower she would want shunpo (super-speed) from the anime Bleach.
  • She was a member of the takoyaki team in the AKB48 Cooking Senbatsu Competition.




  • On November 7th and 8th, was one of the 12 selected Team 8 members that performed on Cool Japan Festival at Manila, Philippines.
  • On November 14th, had her first appearance at Team 8's Aitakatta stage.


  • Throughout March, appeared as a regional voice actress for the McDonalds Japan animated video "Future I". She played the role of a new crew member. Her version of the commercial was aired only in the Shikoku region, as other Team 8 members voiced the commercial in their home regions.
  • On December 4th, was one of the 12 selected Team 8 members that performed on Philippines-Japan Friendship Celebration at Manila, Philippines.







  • On March 17th, at the AKB48 Spring Concert 2024 in Pia Arena MM announced her transfer to KLP48.
  • On April 26th, released her first solo gravure DVD "Gyoten Yurina wa Sugoin desu!" (行天優莉奈はすごいんです!).
  • On May 29th, held her send-off at the AKB48 Theater before her transfer to KLP48.
  • On May 31st, closed her AKB48-related SHOWROOM and Weverse accounts.
  • On June 1st, closed her private mail account.
  • In June, officially transferred to KLP48.

AKB48 Senbatsu Elections

AKB48 Janken Tournaments

Team History

Team 8Team 8 and Team 4Team 4Regular MembersKLP48
Joined AKB48 as a Team 8 member on April 3, 2014
Had a Concurrent Position in AKB48's Team 4 from December 8, 2017 (AKB48 12th Anniversary Shuffle) to April 30, 2022
Fully transferred to Team 4 on April 30, 2023 (Announcement: October 7, 2022)
Transferred to Regular Members on October 17, 2023
Transferred to KLP48 as a 1st Generation member on June 1, 2024 (Announcement: March 17, 2024)

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Stage Units

81 (PARTY ga Hajimaru yo)
42 Revival (Te wo Tsunaginagara)
Ame no Pianist
84 (Sono Shizuku wa, Mirai e to Tsunagaru Niji ni Naru.)

Concert Units

Team 8 National Tour 〜47 no Suteki na Machi e〜


8gatsu 8nichi wa Eito no Hi Natsu da! Eito da! Pitto Matsuri 2018


AKB48 Group Kanshasai ~Rank-gai Concert~ 2018

AKB48 Team 4 Tandoku Concert 〜Tomodachi ga Dekita〜

AKB48 Team 8 Foxies Concert 〜The Only One!! Foxies!〜

AKB48 Team 8 Everybody Concert 〜Come On!! Everybody!〜

Okabe Rin Solo Concert 〜Moshimo~shi! Rinrin Oshi Desho!?〜

AKB48 Zenkoku Tour 2019 ~Tanoshii bakari ga AKB!~


AKB48 Group Asia Festival 2021 ONLINE

August 8th is Eito no Hi 2022 Puroland no Suteki na Machi e

MX Matsuri! AKB48 60th Single "Hisashiburi no Lipgloss" Announcement Commemoration Concert in Budokan 2022

New Team Concert

AKB48 Current Team Final Concert 2023 in KT Zepp Yokohama 〜Last mo Genki ni Naru Naru! Egao ni Naru Naru! Kuranoo ni Naru Naru! Team 4!〜

MX Matsuri AKB48 62nd Single "Idol Nanka Janakattara" Release Commemoration Concert

Day 1
Day 3

AKB48 Dobbon! 3 Year Anniversary Live!

AKB48 Spring Concert 2024 in Pia Arena MM


Solo DVDs

  • [2024.04.26] Gyoten Yurina wa Sugoin desu! (行天優莉奈はすごいんです!)

Media Appearances

Variety Shows


Stage plays

  • Odd Taxi Diamond wa Kizutsukanai (2023) - as Mitsuya Yuki


Gyoten Yurina (July 2018 - Team 8)
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Gyoten Yurina (2018) (AKB48)
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Gyoten Yurina (2014)


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