2023 PPop Con Concert

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The PPOP Con Concert is an annual event held in Manila, hosting different PPop idol groups. The event will be held in 2023 on the weekend from July 14th to 16th. The convention will start from July 14th with the major concert held at the 16th. Various idol groups performed at the same stage set up for the event.

Performing Members

Group Team Member
MNL48 1st Generation Coleen, Dana, Ella, Jem, Lara, Sheki
2nd Generation Amy, Cole, Klaire, Miho, Yzabel
 3rd Generation CJ, Kath, Klaryle, Lyza, Rachel



M00. Overture
M01. Koi Suru Fortune Cookie (Techno Version)
M02. Green Flash
M03. Manila48 (PPop Con Edition)


M01. Tell Me


  • The PPop Con version of Manila48 had mentioned all the performing PPop groups.

MNL48 Concerts Chronology
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2023 PPop Con Concert