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Location Flag of China.png Chengdu, China
Activity Period 2023.06.02 -
Teams Team CII
Team GII
Agency STAR48
Label **
Debut Single **
Producer Wang ZiJie
Theater Manager Chen WenZe
Official Site

CGT48 (short for Chengtu48) is a Chinese idol group and the 5th sister group of SNH48. The group has their own theater, located in the Eastern Suburb Memory in Chenghua District, Chengdu, China.


  • The group was announced by Wang ZiJie in September 25, 2017 on conference that they would introduce a new sister group of SNH48 in Chengdu. The group would have their own theater in Chengdu, and even the auditions has been planned. They spent around the 500 million yuan to build this idol girl group and it's theater.
  • CGT48 is named after the abbreviation "Chengtu" but not "Chengdu" based in the International Phonetic Alphabet.
  • At the SNH48 annual meeting on January 10 2023, it was announced that CGT48 would start operating from April 2023.


CGT48 History


CGT48 Members


Team CII

Team GII


SNH48 Group


Team CII

# Stage name Date Performances
1 Yíwàng de Guódù
2023.06.02 - 2024.05.11 -
2 ALL FOR CII 2024.05.18 - -

Team GII

# Stage name Date Performances
1 HAKUNA MATATA 2023.06.03 - 2024.05.04 -
2 ALL FOR GII 2024.05.18 - -

SNH48 Events

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