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STAR48 Logo

STAR48 (絲芭文化傳媒有限公司 "Siba culture media Ltd." or "SB") is the main company group and management of SNH48, BEJ48, GNZ48 and CKG48.

All SNH48 Group members are part of STAR48. STAR48 also releases various SNH48 Group CDs, DVDs and dramas.

Wang ZiJie is the main Producer, CEO and Founder, also his daughter Wang Jing is the owner of the company.


  • Shanghai Siba culture media Ltd. (上海丝芭文化传媒集团有限公司) (for SNH48)
  • Beijing Siba culture media Ltd. (北京丝芭文化传媒有限公司) (for BEJ48)
  • Guangzhou Siba culture media Ltd. (广州丝芭文化传媒有限公司) (for GNZ48)
  • Chongqing Siba culture media Ltd. (重庆丝芭文化传媒有限公司) (for CKG48)


  • STUDIO48 (丝芭影视) (Drama production)


  • Ju JingYi's Personal Studio (鞠婧祎个人工作室)
  • Li YiTong's Personal Studio (李艺彤个人工作室)


  • A new company and agency was created, "Double Seven Boys" (D7少年团) for the boygroup DSB.
  • On 2017 was announced that the company acquired all shares of the popular magazine "mina".