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CKG48's Trainee (预备生 (Yùbèi Shēng), Kenkyuusei or Research Students). They were disbanded on January 19, 2019 at the SNH48 Team Shuffle 2019.


List of members who have transferred


List of members who have debuted

  • Xu ChuWen (蛙蛙 Wāwā) - 2nd Generation (Team C)
  • Xu HuiLing (小玲玲 XiǎoLínglíng) - 2nd Generation (Team C)
  • Wei XiaoYan (小燕子 XiǎoYànzi) - 2nd Generation (Team K)
  • Dai ZiWei (Davy) - 2nd Generation (Team K)
  • Zhou TongRan (Foslín) - 2nd Generation (Team K)
  • Cao LuDan (卤蛋 Lu Dan) - 3rd Generation (Team K)
  • Fang Qi (小番茄 Xiao Fan Qie) - 3rd Generation (Team K)
  • Guo Shuang (小郭 Xiao Guo) - 3rd Generation (Team K)
  • Kang ZhaoWei (Red) - 3rd Generation (Team C)
  • Peng YuHan (宇航员 Yu Hang Yuan) - 3rd Generation (Team K)

Former Trainees

List of members who have graduated

  • Yu MengLu (杏仁露 Xìngrén Lù) - 2nd Generation (2018)
  • Wu XiaoTong (小团团 Xiǎo Tuántuán) - 2nd Generation (2018)
  • Zou BingQing (清酱 QīngJiàng), ZOE - 2nd Generation (2018)


CKG48 Trainee (November 2018)