Guo Shuang

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Guo Shuang (郭爽)
Xiao Guo (小郭), Shuang Er (爽儿)
Guo Shuang (January 2019)
Birth Info
Birthdate June 19, 2000
Birthplace Flag of China.png Sichuan, China
Blood Type **
Current Age 19 Years Old
Height 164cm
Professional Info
Agency Shanghai Siba Culture Media Ltd.
Social Networks Weibo
Idol Career Info
Group SNH48
Team Team HII
Debuted September, 2018 / CKG48 3rd Generation

Guo Shuang is a member of SNH48's Team HII.

SNH48 Senbatsu Elections

Team History

CKG48 Team TraineesTeam KTeam HII
Joined CKG48 as a Trainee on September 1, 2018
Promoted to CKG48's Team K on November 3, 2018
Transferred to SNH48's Team HII on January 19, 2019 (SNH48 Group Grand Shuffle 2019)


Guo Shuang (November 2018) (CKG48)
Guo Shuang (September 2018) (CKG48)


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