Flying Get (JKT48 Single)

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CD Only (Alfa Group Edition)
CD Only (Theater Edition)

CD Information

Flying Get
Release Date
Label/Catalog Number/Price
Label: HITS Records
(Alfa Group Edition, CD) / Rp 35.000
(Theater Edition,CD) / Rp 40.000

Alfa Group Edition Details

  1. Flying Get / Senbatsu
  2. Hanikami Lollipop / Undergirls
  3. Dareka no Tame ni ~What can I do for someone?~ / Team J
  4. Korogaru Ishi ni Nare / Team KIII
  5. Heavy Rotation
  6. Aitakatta
  7. Baby! Baby! Baby!
  8. RIVER
  9. Koi Suru Fortune Cookie

Theater Edition Details

  1. Flying Get
  2. Hanikami Lollipop
  3. Shoujotachi yo

Included Members

"Flying Get"

Senbatsu (選抜) (16 Members) (Melody Nurramdhani Laksani Center)

"Hanikami Lollipop"

Undergirls (アンダーガールズ) (12 Members) (Beby Chaesara Anadila Center)

"Dareka no Tame ni"

Team J (チームJ) (16 Members) (Nabilah Ratna Ayu Azalia Center)

"Korogaru Ishi ni Nare"

Team KIII (チームKIII) (16 Members) (Shinta Naomi & Rona Anggreani Centers)


??? (??? Members) (??? Center)

"Shoujotachi yo"

JKT48 (40 Members) (Melody Nurramdhani Laksani Center)


  • JKT48's fifth physical single
  • First senbatsu of Sendy Ariani, Ghaida Farisya, Viviyona Apriani, and Alicia Chanzia
  • First appearance of Undergirls in a JKT48 single
  • The senbatsu composition is different from AKB version which has 21 members
  • This single will include the voting ballots for JKT48's first Senbatsu Sousenkyo
  • In 48 Family, (without counting the off-vocal(s),) this single has the most tracklist comparing to other single although with mix of new and old songs; but not as the first most new songs releases on a single.
    • On Spotify, JOOX, and iTunes Release, the Theater Edition Release songs are released with addition of Dareka no Tame ni ~What can I do for someone?~ and Korogaru Ishi ni Nare and JKT48 use Alfa Group Edition Release cover (while iTunes use Theater Edition cover). Although the full version of Aitakatta was included on the Alfa Group Edition, but that song isn't included in those streaming platform.
  • This far the only single to release without DVD, although the A-side MV was uploaded to JKT48's official YouTube channel.
  • This is the first time a B-side have an MV, although it was never officially distributed or uploaded.
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