Melody Nurramdhani Laksani

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Melody Nurramdhani Laksani
Melody Nurramdhani Laksani (Early 2019)
Birth Name Melody Nurramdhani Laksani
Other Name Melody Laksani
Nickname Melody, Melo, Imel
Birth Info
Birthdate March 24, 1992
Birthplace Flag of Indonesia.png Bandung, West Java, Indonesia
Current Age 32 Years Old
Nationality Indonesian
Professional Info
Social Networks Instagram / Twitter / YouTube
Staff Career Info
Group JKT48
Task General Manager

Melody Nurramdhani Laksani is the JKT48's General Manager and an idol lecturer for JKT48's Academy. Previously, she was the captain of JKT48 and JKT48's Team T, and a member of JKT48's Team J.


Ceria dan bersinar selalu! Aku, Melody!
(Cheer and always shinning! I, Melody!)


  • Name in Japanese: メロディー・ヌランダニ・ラクサニ
  • Nickname in Japanese: メロディー
  • Blood: O
  • Height: 150cm
  • Hobbies and Likes: Hot bathing, Manchester United, Pokémon
  • Favorite colors: Red, white, blue, gold, silver
  • Favorite foods: Seafood, pizza, satay
  • Favorite Football Team: Manchester United
  • Academic Degree: S.P (Agriculture Bachelor)
  • Oshimen: Takahashi Minami, Nabilah Ratna Ayu Azalia, Thalia Ivanka Elizabeth, Melati Putri Rahel Sesilia
  • Good friends with: Nabilah Ratna Ayu Azalia (MeloNab)
  • Older sister of Frieska Anastasia Laksani
  • Was the Original center of Team J
  • She was the first JKT48 member to participate in a AKB48 PV and song, on NEW SHIP
  • She was also the first JKT48 member to have a solo photobook, Melody SUGAO – The Natural Face of Melody
  • Her family often calls her "Imel"
  • Her appointment as JKT48 captain was announced on the JKT48 2nd Anniversary Live in Concert Evening Show
  • She was a graduate of the Department of Agriculture from Padjadjaran University Bandung in 2016 ago. And she wants to be the Minister of Agriculture of Indonesia.
  • After graduating as a member of JKT48 on March 30, 2018, she was appointed as the JKT48 General Manager since April 1, 2018 which replaced the late Inao Jiro who passed away on March 21, 2017.
  • A Japan-ASEAN Goodwill Ambassador on food and agriculture.
  • She is admired by Ridwan Kamil a.k.a. Kang Emil (the former mayor of Bandung and the Governor of West Java) and Kaesang (the youngest son of Indonesian president Joko Widodo)
    • Kang Emil once used her as an example in his Twitter account: "Jauhi narkoba, dekati Melody JKT48" ("Stay away from drugs, just like Melody JKT48")
  • She participated in the shonichi of Team J's Renai Kinshi Jourei as well as the shonichi of Team T's Renai Kinshi Jourei. This makes her one of the only six members (along with Oba Mina, Ota Aika, Fujie Reina, Chikano Rina, and Ayana Shahab) to participate in the shonichi of the same stage twice.
  • On October 9, 2018, she started wearing the hijab since the process of pre-wedding photos.
  • She has been married to Hanif Fathoni on November 3, 2018.

JKT48 Senbatsu Elections

AKB48 Senbatsu Elections

JKT48 Janken Tournaments

Team History

JKT48 TraineeTeam JTeam T and Team J → Graduation
Joined JKT48 as a Trainee on November 2, 2011
Promoted to Team J on December 23, 2012 (Team J Formation)
Transferred to Team T on September 11, 2016 (JKT48 1st Grand Team Shuffle)
Has a Concurrent Position in JKT48's Team J since September 11, 2016 (JKT48 1st Grand Team Shuffle)
Graduated as a member of JKT48's Team J and captain of JKT48's Team T on March 31, 2018 (Announcement: November 4, 2017 | Graduation Concert: March 24, 2018 at Kota Kasablanka Hall)

Singles Participation

JKT48 A-Sides

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Albums Participation

JKT48 Albums


Stage Units

RS1 (Pajama Drive)
Temodemo no Namida
Kagami no Naka no Jean Da Arc
J1 (Renai Kinshi Jourei)
Global Center
Kuroi Tenshi (Center)
J2 (Dareka no Tame ni)
Bird (Center)
Seifuku ga Jama wo Suru (Center)
Surprise Stage (Boku no Taiyou)
Higurashi no Koi
J3 (Theater no Megami)
Arashi no Yoru ni wa (Center)
HW1 (Bunga Matahari)
Kinjirareta Futari)
Cinderella wa Damasarenai
T2 (Renai Kinshi Jourei)
Tsundere! (Center)
JSS (Team J B•E•L•I•E•V•E Show)
Classmate (Center)
J4 (Tadaima Renaichuu)
Faint (1st Unit) (Center)
T3 (Boku no Taiyou)
Idol Nante Yobanaide
T4 (Dareka no Tame ni)
Shinkirou (Duet with Nurhayati)
Seifuku ga Jama wo Suru

Concert Units

AKB48 Kouhaku Utagassen 2012

Perkenalkan, Nama Kami JKT48 - JKT48 5 Cities Concert Tour

Sparkling JKT48 - JKT48 1st National Tour

JKT48 2nd Anniversary Live in Concert

JKT48 The Exclusive Concert Trans Studio Bandung

JKT48 "Love in Concert" Semarang

JKT48 "Rise & Shine" Medan Concert

JKT48 Nationwide Tour


JKT48 3rd Anniversary Live in Concert

AKB48 x JKT48 Concert "Bergandengan Tangan Bersama Kakak"

"JKT48 Ada banyak rasa, Pilih suka rasa apa?" JKT48 LIVE in CONCERT

"Mirai no Tobira"

JKT48 Live in Concert "Wayahe Suroboyo, Rek!!"

JKT48 5th Anniversary Live in Concert

JKT48 6th Birthday Party

Melody Nurramdhani Laksani Graduation Concert


Media Appearances


TV Shows


  • Coorma (Cooking Ramadan) Bimoli (before iftar, 2020)

News Magazine

  • Indonesia Jepang dalam 5 menit (2018)

Talent Show

  • Idola Cilik 5 (2015)

Web Series

  • JKT48 X RRQ Web Series “Journey to Legendary” (2019) (Collaboration with Team RRQ, Indonesian eSports Team)


List of Melody's photo gallery.

Melody Laksani August 2018.jpg
Melody Nurramdhani Laksani (Late 2018)
Melody JKT48 GM 2018.jpg
Melody Nurramdhani Laksani (Early 2018)
Melody Nurramdhani Laksani's graduation in Kota Kasablanka Hall (2018)
Melody - JKT48 SSK 2017.jpg
Melody Nurramdhani Laksani JKT48 4th Senbatsu Sousenkyo Poster (2017)
Melody Nurramdhani Laksani (Team T) (2016)
Melody Nurramdhani Laksani (Team J) (2016)
Melody - JKT48 SSK 2016.jpg
Melody Nurramdhani Laksani JKT48 3rd Senbatsu Sousenkyo Poster (2016)
Melody nurramdhani laksani2015.jpg
Melody Nurramdhani Laksani (Team J) (2015)
Melody - JKT48 SSK 2015.jpg
Melody Nurramdhani Laksani JKT48 2nd Senbatsu Sousenkyo Poster (2015)
Melody nurramdhani laksani2014.jpg
Melody Nurramdhani Laksani (Team J) (2014)
Melody Nurramdhani Laksani, winner of the JKT48 1st Senbatsu Election (2014)
Melody nurramdhani laksaniT.jpg
Melody Nurramdhani Laksani (Team J) (2012)
Melody Nurramdhani Laksani (Trainee) (2012)
Melody Nurramdhani Laksani (Trainee) (2011)