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SNH48's Honorary Graduates (荣誉毕业生)

  • Formed on October 14, 2020.


  • For members of SNH48's 1st Generation, members would be considered Honorary Graduates once they reached 8 years in the group and their contracts expired.
  • For members of SNH48's 2nd Generation and thereafter, members would only be considered Honorary Graduates once they reached 8 years in the group and they were 30 years old by December 31st of that year.
    • Should a member not have reached 30 yet by the end of the year, she could choose whether to participate in SNH48 events, such as the Senbatsu Election
  • These members are still working together with STAR48 company and appear every so often at SNH48 events.



Team Picture Pinyin Hanzi Nickname Birthdate Birthplace Blood Type Age Height Agency Generation
Honorary Graduates ChenGuanHuiSIIDec2018.jpg Chen GuanHui 陈观慧 XiaoAi (小艾) August 28, 1993 Guangdong, China A 30 161cm ** 1st
Honorary Graduates ChenSiSIIDec2018.jpg Chen Si 陈思 JiaoLian (教练) September 14, 1991 Hunan, China O 32 163cm ** 1st
Honorary Graduates DaiMengSIIDec2018.jpg Dai Meng 戴萌 Diamond, DaiMeng (呆萌) February 8, 1993 Shanghai, China O 31 169cm ** 1st
Honorary Graduates JiangYunSIIDec2018.jpg Jiang Yun 蒋芸 Mirai (未来) March 27, 1992 Changzhou, Jiangsu, China B 32 169cm ** 2nd
Honorary Graduates KongXiaoYinSIIDec2018.jpg Kong XiaoYin 孔肖吟 Bee, XiaoYin Jie (消音姐) April 11, 1992 Liaoning, China AB 32 164cm ** 1st
Honorary Graduates LinSiYiHIIDec2018.jpg Lin SiYi 林思意 XiaoSi (小四)
April 5, 1994 Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China O 30 166cm STAR48 2nd
Honorary Graduates LuTingNIIDec2018.jpg Lu Ting 陆婷 Lisa
DaGe (大哥)
December 18, 1992 Shanghai, China A 31 164cm STAR48 2nd
Honorary Graduates LiYuQiSIIDec2018.jpg Li YuQi 李宇琪 MaoMao (毛毛) February 26, 1993 Shaanxi, China O 31 166cm ** 1st
Honorary Graduates MoHanSIIDec2018.jpg Mo Han 莫寒 Momo January 7, 1992 Guizhou, China O 32 163cm STAR48 1st
Honorary Graduates QianBeiTingSIIDec2018.jpg Qian BeiTing 钱蓓婷 Money, QianShao (钱少) May 7, 1995 Shanghai, China O 29 163cm ** 1st
Honorary Graduates QiuXinYiSIIDec2018.jpg Qiu XinYi 邱欣怡 WanWan (湾湾) January 11, 1997 Taipei, Taiwan A 27 164cm ** 1st
Honorary Graduates SunRuiSIIDec2018.jpg Sun Rui 孙芮 Three July 29, 1995 Heilongjiang, China A 28 170cm STAR48 2nd
Honorary Graduates WangXiaoJiaXDec2018.jpg Wang XiaoJia 王晓佳 TianCao (天草) May 31, 1993 Changsha, Hunan, China B 30 170cm STAR48 4th
Honorary Graduates WuZheHanSIIDec2018.jpg  Wu ZheHan 吴哲晗 WuZhe (五折) August 26, 1995 Zhejiang, China O 28 173cm STAR48 1st
Honorary Graduates XuChenChenSIIDec2018.jpg Xu ChenChen 徐晨辰 CC June 20, 1990 Jiangsu, China O 33 161cm ** 1st
Honorary Graduates XuJiaQiSIIDec2018.jpg Xu JiaQi 许佳琪 Kiki August 27, 1995 Zhejiang, China AB 28 170cm STAR48 1st
Honorary Graduates ZhaoYueNIIDec2018.jpg  Zhao Yue 赵粤 Akira April 29, 1995 Wuhan, Hubei, China ** 29 166cm STAR48 2nd
Honorary Graduates ZhangYuGeSIIDec2018.jpg  Zhang YuGe 张语格 Tako, ZhangYuGe (章鱼哥) May 11, 1996 Heilongjiang, China A 28 170cm ** 1st