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Genre Variety
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Network Mobidic
Episodes 5
Airing Date January 31 - February 5, 2019
Running Time 15-25min
Presenters Unnamed Teacher
Opening Theme La Vie en Rose
Official Web **

IZ*ONE City is an IZ*ONE variety show in which the members compete in different games against each other in a school like setting. The episodes were pre-released on CBS and later officially released on YouTube by Mobidic. The release dates mentioned below are of the YouTube release.


Ep. Air Date Main episode summary
1: Introduction January 31, 2019 The girls are introduced to the studio, which acts as a classroom, and the host, who acts as a teacher. They recite the vows that are written on a board, promising to give their all to variety. In a bonus clip at the end, Yabuki Nako, Choi Yena and Kim Minju show off their drama acting skill in a short skit.
2: PE February 1, 2019 The girls compete in teams of two against each other in various sports activities. The first girl has to blow out candles with a dress. The second girl has to wear a fat suit and walk forward in a crouched manner and score a goal with a football. The third girl has to get rid of post-its stuck to her body by dancing only. The fourth girl has to shoot a rubber shoe with her foot while a fifth girl catches. The fifth girl has to pop a balloon together with the sixth girl. The winning team, consisting of Jang Wonyoung, Jo Yuri, Choi Yena, Kwon Eunbi, Lee Chaeyeon and Kim Chaewon, were allowed to appeal themselves to the producer of the Korean variety show Running Man.
3: Beauty class February 2, 2019 In groups of two, he girls have to apply make-up but are faced with a challenge. Yena has to apply Hitomi's makeup while wearing boxing gloves, Chaeyeon has to do Chaewon's while they are jumping on a trampoline, Sakura does Yuri's makeup while her arms are stuck out stiffly in cardbord boxes, Hyewon does Yujin's makeup with a grabber instead of her hands and Nako does Wonyoung's makeup while wearing magnifiying glasses. In the end, the SakuraYuri combo won (as voted by the other members) and as a result, they received the prize of their makeup being done for them at their next event so they could sleep in.
3: Music class February 2, 2019 In three groups, the girls have to compete in a dance relay. The first team consists of Miyawaki Sakura, Lee Chaeyeon, Choi Yena and Kim Minju, who got 5 correct answers; the second team consists of Yabuki Nako, Kwon Eunbi, Jang Wonyoung and Jo Yuri, who got 7 correct; and the third team conists of Honda Hitomi, Ahn Yujin, Kim Chaewon and Kang Hyewon, who got 4 correct. This meant the second team won, and they got the chance to appeal to appear on Jung Somin's radio show. Jo Yuri is the only one who has won every single game so far.
4: Acting class February 4, 2019 In groups of four, they had to act out a scene. The girl within the group that did the best job was crowned Acting Queen. In group one were Jo Yuri, Lee Chaeyeon, Kim Chaewon and Ahn Yujin - they had to act out the emotion rage. The second group, acting out intoxication, consisted of Kwon Eunbi, Miyawaki Sakura, Choi Yena and Kang Hyewon. The third group, acting out cuteness, consisted of Yabuki Nako, Honda Hitomi, Kim Minju and Jang Wonyoung. The camera man then chose the winner - Yuri for rage, Sakura for intoxication, Wonyoung for cuteness and Nako as the best actress overall. The winner received a three month description for the video streaming service POOQ.
5: Graduation February 5, 2019 Jo Yuri was crowned as the overall winner, having been at least one of the winners in every single game. Then, they had to take a graduation photo as a group. In two groups on either side of the room, they had to run towards the center and try to get a picture taken of them quickly with all of them in the shot. After a few unsuccessful attempts, they finally managed and graduated from IZ*ONE City School. In the epilogue, best bits of the show were shown again.


Official YouTube Playlist (Mobidic)