Kamimura Hinano

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Kamimura Hinano
Kamimura Hinano (2019 - Kyun)
Kanji 上村ひなの
Kana かみむら ひなの
Romaji Kamimura Hinano
Nickname Nanochan (なの)
Hinanonano (ひなのなの)
Birth Info
Birthdate April 12, 2004  
Birthplace Flag of Japan.png Tokyo, Japan
Blood type AB
Current Age 16 Years Old
Height 161cm
Professional Info
Agency Seed & Flower
Social Networks Offcial Blog
Idol Career Info
Group Hinatazaka46
Team 3rd Generation
Debuted December, 2018 / 3rd Generation
Lightstick Colors
Red Emerald Green

Kamimura Hinano is a member of Hinatazaka46's 3rd Generation.


Itsudemo dokodemo henkakyuu, hinanonano
(Curveballs always and everywhere! Hinanonano)


  • Charm point: Goldfish-shaped eyes.
  • In a former life I was: An avant-garde artist.
  • Book or author I like: Minato Kanae (author of dark and grisly crime thrillers).
  • School club and training: Art Club, dance (in elementary school).
  • Qualifications: Social manners, level 3 (ソーシャルマナー).
  • What I don't like about myself: The way shyness makes me nervous/worried.
  • What I like about myself: The way I change back and forth between cheerful and dark.
  • Things I like that no-one understands: Looking at science textbooks (I especially like collections of pictures of cells, etc.)
  • At the age of four of five, wrote a song called "Mizutama Pink," consisting of three lines. It is about wanting to drink pink polka dots because as a toddler, she believed the bright colors would make her happy no matter what.
  • Close friends with Kosaka Nao. On a segment on HINABINGO!, chose Nao as the ideal big sister and Nao chose her as the ideal little sister.

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