NGT48 1st Generation

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NGT48 1st Generation



List of members who have graduated or have cancelled her concurrent position


# Stage name Date Performances

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Team Picture Romaji Kanji Nickname Birthdate Birthplace Blood Type Age Height Agency Generation
NGT SeijiReina2019.jpg Seiji Reina 清司麗菜 Reinya (れいにゃー) April 19, 2001 Saitama, Japan O 22 151cm Flora 1st
NGT NaraMiharu2019.jpg Nara Miharu 奈良未遥 Miharu (みはる)
Mihachan (みはちゃん)
March 20, 1998 Aomori, Japan A 26 160cm Flora 1st
NGT NishigataMarina2019.jpg Nishigata Marina 西潟茉莉奈 Gatanee (がたねぇ)
Marichan (まりちゃん)
October 16, 1995 Tokyo, Japan O 28 158cm Flora Draft 1st
NGT HommaHinata2019.jpg Homma Hinata
本間日陽 Hinatan (ひなたん) November 10, 1999 Niigata, Japan B 24 159cm Flora 1st