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Nogizaka46 Eigo (乃木坂46えいご) was a Nogizaka46 variety show. Its theme was learning English with Nogizaka46. It began airing on TBS on 2015.06.28, and it aired the last Sunday of the month. The program ended on 2021.01.31.

In episode 26 (2018.04.29), the three remaining original cast members, Noujo Ami, Kawago Hina, and Wada Maaya graduated from the show. They were replaced by Saito Yuri, Shinuchi Mai, and Higuchi Hina. Wada Maaya returned in early 2019.

In the interim between the cast change, two special episodes were broadcast under the Nogizaka46 Eigo banner which featured the "friendly trio:" Sakurai Reika, Shinuchi Mai, and Matsumura Sayuri. The premise of these episodes was following these members on trip to Hawaii.

With Saito Yuri's graduation, Sato Kaede was announced to take her place beginning in the summer of 2019.


Regular Members

Former Regular Members

Graduated Regular Members


  • Yasukouchi Tetsuya (sensei)
  • Suzuki Taku
  • Nick

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