Nogizaka46 x HKT48 Crown Program Battle

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Nogizaka46 x HKT48 Crown Program Battle (2013)

Nogizaka46 x HKT48 Crown Program Battle is a Nogizaka46 and HKT48 variety show contest. It started on July 2, 2013 and ended on September 17, 2013, with HKT48 being the winner.


The two groups shared an hour-long timeslot in which both of their new shows ran:

After each episode a judge came in who had watched both, and determined which episode was the best. The show of which the episode was deemed better had the right to air its next episode before the other group's show in the timeslot.

The show with the most points in the end got to air an hour-long final special taking up the entire timeslot, the other group's special would then be pushed to a DVD-only release.

The contest started with a prologue aired before the first episodes on July 2nd, with:

List of Episode Results

Episode Date Winner
1 July 2, 2013 Nogizaka46 (1 total)
2 July 9, 2013 Nogizaka46 (2 total)
3 July 16, 2013 HKT48 (1 total)
4 July 23, 2013 Nogizaka46 (3 total)
5 July 30, 2013 HKT48 (2 total)
6 August 6, 2013 HKT48 (3 total)
7 August 13, 2013 Nogizaka46 (4 total)
8 August 20, 2013 HKT48 (4 total)
9 August 27, 2013 HKT48 (5 total)
10 September 3, 2013 HKT48 (6 total)
11 September 10, 2013 Voting is done by ten judges, which brought the total to a tie. A rock-paper-scissors match determined HKT48 as the winner.
12 September 17, 2013 HKT48 gets to air their hour long special covering the entire timeslot, Nogizaka's final special is pushed to a DVD-only release.

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