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Otona AKB48 (大人 AKB48) refers to a national audition looking for a new AKB48 member over the age of 30. This member will participate on handshake events, stages and rehearsals for a temporary amount of time. She will also be the center of a new Glico Papico CM, to be released on May 14, 2014. Applications started on March 28, 2014. Between 5066 candidates, the winner Tsukamoto Mariko was announced on April 16, 2014. She is the center from Oshiete Mommy. Mariri graduated on September 1st, 2014.


  • The humorist Kintaro, the seiyuu Takahashi Mikako and the former Morning Musume member Ichii Sayaka were among the finalists
  • A 82-year-old lady participated in the auditions