Shonichi (AKB48 Team SH EP)

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Type A (CD Only)
Type B (CD + DVD)

CD Information

AKB48 Team SH
Shonichi (初日 [chūrì])
Release Date
Label/Catalog Number/Price
Label: Xinhui Group Shanghai Audiovisual
CD / ¥88

Regular Edition Details

  1. Shonichi (初日) / Senbatsu
  2. LOVE TRIP (爱的旅程)
  3. Heavy Rotation (闪亮的幸运)
  4. Shonichi (off-vocal)
  5. LOVE TRIP (off-vocal)
  6. Heavy Rotation (off-vocal)
DVD (Type B only)
  1. LOVE TRIP (爱的旅程) MV
  2. LOVE TRIP (爱的旅程) MV Making

Included Members


Senbatsu (選拔組) (16 members) (Liu Nian and Zhai YuJia Center)


AKB48 Team SH (21 Members) (Liu Nian Center)

"Heavy Rotation"

AKB48 Team SH (21 Members) (Liu Nian Center)

General Information

Shonichi is the 1st EP released by AKB48 Team SH.


  • AKB48 Team SH's first EP.
  • 1st AKB48 Team SH EP which all of the tracklist are covered songs from three A-Side songs of any 48 Family (including overseas) Singles.

AKB48 Team SH EPs Chronology

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