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Yamazaki Rena
Kanji 山崎怜奈
Kana やまざき れな
Romaji Yamazaki Rena
Nickname Renachi (れなち)
Birth Info
Birthdate May 21, 1997  
Birthplace Flag of Japan.png Edogawa, Tokyo, Japan
Blood type B
Current Age 26 Years Old
Height 164cm
Professional Info
Agency Mount Cape (マウントケープ)
Social Networks 7gogo / Instagram / Twitter / Official Fanclub
Idol Career Info
Former Group Nogizaka46
Former Team 2nd Generation
Debuted May 2013 / 2nd Generation
Graduated July 2022

Yamazaki Rena was a member of Nogizaka46's 2nd Generation. She is now affiliated with Mount Cape (マウントケープ).


  • Admired members: Shiraishi Mai
  • Hobbies: Photography, drawing, making sweets
  • Favorite colors: Pastel colors, the colors of sunset
  • Favorite foods: Fruits, vegetables, kinako, yogurt, tofu, wakame seaweed
  • Favorite Nogizaka46 Songs: Ushinaitakunai kara, House!, Sekai de Ichiban Kodoku na Lover
  • Close friends with: Inoue Sayuri
  • Special skills: Reciting Charlie Chaplin, unicycle, making fried eggs, shooting goals in soccer
  • She debuted on May 10, 2013, and was promoted on February 22, 2015 at the Nogizaka46 3rd Birthday Live.
  • When she debuted, her name "Yamazaki" was written as (山﨑). In 2017 she decided change it to the more common writing, (山崎), for her professional idol activities.
  • She was a child actress under Carrot Agency. She appeared in TV commercials, the movie "Closed Note" (2007), the drama Kamen Rider Kiva (2008), and two stage plays called "Space and Time Police Vecker χ" (2011-2012).
  • She calls herself a health otaku and always watches what she eats.
  • She has a goldfish she named "Fish".
  • She used her allowance to buy a unicycle when she was in elementary school.
  • She attended Ikubunkan High School in Tokyo. The school was established in 1889, and was an all-boys school until 2010.
  • She was on hiatus in late 2015 to focus on her studies.
  • In April 2016 she began her bachelor's degree at Keio University, a prestigious Japanese university. She graduated in March 2020.
  • She likes Taiga dramas and historical dramas. She is a big fan of Sakamoto Ryoma.
  • She is learning Chinese. She has passed the Chinese Proficiency Test (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) Level 3, which indicates advanced-beginner or low-intermediate skill. She started learning in college because she wanted Nogizaka46 to perform in China. She said, "It would be nice to perform in China one day. When that time comes, I want to help the group."
  • She is interested in history and is called Nogizaka46's reki-jo (female history buff).
    • She hosted her own Variety Program "Nogizaka46 Yamasaki Rena's History Time" from May 9th, 2019 - May 5th, 2020.
  • She is a frequent guest of "Quiz Presentation Variety Q-sama!!", as quizzes are one of her hobbies.
  • In August 2020 she became the MC of the dtv channel show "Nogizaka46 Yamazaki Rena and Ohatsu-chan".
  • In October 2020 she passed the World Heritage Test Level 2.
  • She was diagnosed with coronavirus on March 28, 2022. She resumed activities in April 2022.
  • She graduated on July 17, 2022 (Announcement: June 13, 2022).
  • She revealed her 26 nicknames in her blog in 2017 (see below).


List of 26 + 1 nicknames

01. Renachi (Official nickname, you can find it on the towels or fans calling at the concert)
02. Renachi-san (by many 1st Gen and 3rd Gen members)
03. Rena-san (by some of 3rd Gen members)
04. Renassan
05. Zaki-san (by many staff)
06. Zaki (members call her with this nickname with strong intonation in the "ki" syllable. However, only Kitano Hinako calls her with "ki" syllable intonation similar to the "ku" syllable intonation of "Zaku Gundam")
07. Zaki-chan (by dance teacher/trainer)
08. Zakichin (by Kitano Hinako, their manager, and Higuchi Hina)
09. Zakincho
10. Zakichon
11. Zakicchi (by Ito Karin and Suika members)
12. Zakipedia (by M, their manager)
13. Pedia
14. Pedi
15. Zakipe
16. Za
17. Ze
18. Pe
19. Z (pronounced "Zed")
20. Zrin (by Noujo Ami)
21. Eien no Odoriko or Eternal Dancer (a nickname by Noujo Ami)
22. TENAGAZARU (by Kawago Hina, it is also known as a Gibbon, a species of monkey with long-arm. She is well-known for her long arms as well)
23. ZAKURON (by Hori Miona)
24. Reki-jo or Princess of History (for her love of history)
25. China (by staff, possibly because she can speak Mandarin fluently)
26. Ijirareru Fantasista - the Teased (easy to tease) Fantasista (by Nogino No)
26 + 1. Terrier (since she is cute like a Terrier dog)

Singles Participation

Nogizaka46 B-Sides

AKB48 B-Sides

Other Original Songs

Albums Participation

Nogizaka46 Albums

Print Media


  • [2021.02.10] Rekishi no Jikan (歴史のじかん)

Magazine Serializations

  • MARQUEE - "Sorette Ari?" (それってアリ?)
  • Hanako.tokyo (2021 - ) - "Nogizaka46 Yamazaki Rena no 'Kotoba no Osusowake'" (乃木坂46山崎怜奈の「言葉のおすそわけ」)

Media Appearances

Variety Shows

  • Quiz Presentation Variety Q-sama!! (クイズプレゼンバラエティー Qさま!!) (2018 - ) - Semi-Regular
  • Nogizaka46 Yamazaki Rena History Time (乃木坂46山崎怜奈 歴史のじかん) (2019 - 2020) - MC
  • Hobby Dokki! Kyoto ・ Edo Tour of the Magic World (趣味どきっ! 京都・江戸 魔界めぐり) (2019) - Regular
  • Nogizaka46 Yamazaki Rena and Ohatsu-chan (乃木坂46山崎怜奈とおはつちゃん) (2020 - 2021) - MC
  • Tokyo GOOD! (東京GOOD!) (2020 - 2021) - Regular
  • Tsuhan Dake Seikatsu (通販だけ生活) (2021) - MC
  • Haruna Zaki-san no Tada no Tsuhan ja nee-yo! (春菜ザキさんのタダの通販じゃねーよ!) (2021 - ) - MC


  • Kintsubu (金つぶ) (2018 - 2020) - Assistant MC
  • Nogizaka46 Yamazaki Tena no "Oshi no 1Koma" (乃木坂46 山崎怜奈の『推しの1コマ』) (2019 - ) - Personality
  • Yamazaki Rena no Dareka ni Hanashitakatta Koto (山崎怜奈の誰かに話したかったこと。) (2020 - ) - Personality


Yamazaki Rena (2018 - Synchronicity)
Yamazaki Rena (2017 - Influencer)
Yamazaki Rena (2016 - Hadashi de Summer)
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Yamazaki Rena (2015 - Ima, Hanashitai Dareka ga Iru)
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Yamazaki Rena (2014 - Nandome no Aozora ka?)
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Yamazaki Rena (2013 - Barrette)
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Yamazaki Rena (2013)