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AKB48 Kenkyuusei - Zenza Girls Participation Table

Zenza Girls (Japanese: 前座ガールズ / Mandarin:前座女孩) were introduced after the 2009 Team Shuffle, once the new teams had gotten their own stages. Zenza Girls are Kenkyuusei, who perform a song at the beginning of stages. Zenza girls have performed for some stages (you can read the this section to know what stage which Zenza Girl(s) has/have/had performed). Zenza Girls change with every stage performance. Three current/common/default Zenza Girls songs were included in AKB48's album, 1830m.

Stages with Zenza Girls and Zenza Girls Song

Common Zenza Girls Songs (Default)

Lemon no Toshigoro

Usually can be found in RESET stage, 4 members.

Romance Kakurenbo

Usually can be found in Theater no Megami stage, 1 member.

Miniskirt no Yosei

Usually can be found in Mokugekisha stage, 3 members.

Uncommon Zenza Girls Songs


For rare cases, few stages have no any Zenza Girls or have Zenza Girls on the stage but changed into another song.