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| [[AKB48 Team TP 3rd Anniversary Concert]]<br><small>(AKB48 Team TP三周年紀念演唱會)</small> || 2022.01.22 - 2022.01.23
| [[AKB48 Team TP 3rd Anniversary Concert]]<br><small>(AKB48 Team TP三周年紀念演唱會)</small> || 2022.01.22 - 2022.01.23
| [[AKB48 Team TP Chen Shih-ya‎ Graduation Concert]]<br><small>(AKB48 Team TP~陈诗雅毕业演唱会)</small> || <del>2022.05.14</del> → TBA

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AKB48 Team TP
Location Flag of Taiwan.png Taipei, Taiwan
Activity Period 2018.08.25 -
Units Daisy
Agency Good Talk
Label Universal Music Taiwan
Debut Single Mae Shika Mukanee
Producer Akimoto Yasushi
Theater Manager **
Official Site akb48teamtp.com

AKB48 Team TP (short for Taipei) is a Taiwanese idol group and the 5th international sister group of AKB48.


  • The logo color expresses the charm of each member gradually growing with gradation, just as the mango matures and changes color from time to time, with the motif of Taiwan's representative fruit mango.
  • On October 1, 2011, the launch of the TPE48 project was announced on AKB48's official blog, and the theater performance was scheduled to start in the summer of the following year, but the audition was postponed to the second half of the year in February 2012. As of November 2014, there was no concrete movement including the member audition.
    • On July 30, 2018, AKS announced that it would cancel the joint venture and license agreement with the local subsidiary (TPE48 Entertaiment CO., Ltd.) that operated TPE48 and launch a new group, AKB48 Team TP.
    • According to Taiwanese media, said: The unpaid salaries to staff and members have continued, the first fan meeting has been postponed indefinitely in May this year, and the CD debut originally scheduled for summer is also expected. It wasn't. The media reported that the operating situation of the Taiwanese operating company was deteriorating, and fans in both Taiwan and Japan were worried.
  • Since December 23, 2018 their current group captain is Chen Shih-ya.

Differences from other groups

  • This group instead of having teams, has units.


AKB48 Team TP History


AKB48 Team TP Members

Team TP (Promoted Members)






AKB48 Group





# Cover Title Release date
01 TeamTP1stSingleCover.jpg Mae Shika Mukanee
02 TBACover.jpg TTP Festival 2019.07.26
03 TBACover.jpg Yuuhi wo Miteiru ka?
05 TBACover.jpg Ticktock Promise

Digital Singles

# Cover Title Release date
01 TeamTP1stDigitalSingleCover.jpg Sougen no Kiseki

Stage Albums

# Cover Title Release date
01 TBACover.jpg RESET 2022.04.02

Other Songs

Original Songs

  • Girls Cafe Gun (Endorsement Song) (2020)


All of the new songs that aren't included in discography yet will be listed below. All of coupling songs that will and may be released are also included below. The songs are listed by the initial release / debut year.


# Title Date
With AKB48 Group
1 AKB48 Group Asia Festival 2019.01.27
2 AKB48 Group Asia Festival in Shanghai 2019.08.24
3 AKB48 in Taipei 2019 ~Are You Ready For It?~ 2019.10.19
1 AKB48 Team TP 1st Anniversary Mini Concert
(AKB48 Team TP 1 周年紀念 Mini Concert)
2019.09.14 - 2019.09.22
2 AKB48 Team TP Mini Concert ~Are You Ready For TP Again?~ 2019.11.30 - 2019.12.01
3 AKB48 Team TP Mini Concert ~Zhiyou Xiyang Meiyou Jingxi~
(AKB48 Team TP Mini Concert~只有夕陽沒有驚喜~)
2020.01.18 - 2020.01.19
4 AKB48 Team TP Mini Concert ~Unit Debut~
(AKB48 Team TP Mini Concert ~Unit 初登場~)
2020.03.07 - 2020.03.08
5 AKB48 Team TP Mini Concert ~Huiyuan Xianding Chang~
(AKB48 Team TP Mini Concert ~ 會員限定場 ~)
2020.05.30 - 2020.05.31
6 AKB48 Team TP Mini Concert ~Come Meet!~
(AKB48 Team TP Mini Concert ~ 來見面吧! ~)
2020.06.19 - 2020.06.21
7 AKB48 Team TP Mini Concert ~Win The Summer with TTP~
(AKB48 Team TP Mini Concert ~ 與 TTP 一起戰勝夏天 ~)
2020.08.22 - 2020.06.21
8 AKB48 Team TP 2nd Anniversary Concert
(AKB48 Team TP 二周年紀念演唱會)
9 AKB48 Team TP 3rd Anniversary Concert
(AKB48 Team TP三周年紀念演唱會)
2022.01.22 - 2022.01.23
10 AKB48 Team TP Chen Shih-ya‎ Graduation Concert
(AKB48 Team TP~陈诗雅毕业演唱会)
2022.05.14 → TBA


AKB48 Team TP

# Stage Name Unit Date Performances
1 RESET Daisy 2020.09.19 - 2022.06.30 16
Bellflower 2020.09.19 - 2022.06.30 16
Sakura 2020.09.20 - 2022.06.30 16

AKB48 Team TP Events

Janken Taikai

External Links